Thursday, January 28, 2016

Poor FOX News

I can only imagine that after Donald Trump refused Bill O'Reilly's pleadings for him to attend the debate that the RNC minions at FOX are scrambling to reshape their format for this evening. Like it or not, empty podium or not, Trump will still be the 500 pound gorilla in the room. No doubt they had a series of "gotcha" questions and rhetorical hit pit pieces planed with their "guest" questioners, and illegal alien and an Arab Muslim woman. Oh they may still ask the questions but with their intended target not present they are going to be pretty week and do little more than provide a means for the also rans to tell the audience how tolerant they are. (Read how liberal they are and why they are gathering such low poll numbers). It should prove amusing, except I won't be watching. I'm sure it will quickly devolve into a pettiness contest with more than a few thinly veiled shots at Trump.

Trump will come out after and say something about "they got what they were looking for, a platform to attack me where I couldn't shoot back. Just how did they think that would work out?"  He will then unload on each and every assault against him, by moderators and candidates alike. Unlike the platform of the debate Trump will be able to be far more direct and pointed with his return volleys and the tables will be turned in that his targets will be unable to respond.

Even in his absence, maybe even more so because of his absence, the debate will be about Trump. Which is exactly what he was shooting for in the first place. He remains three steps ahead and above the rest of the field and the news media.

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