Tuesday, January 12, 2016

And On The Insane War Front...

The headline today that an "ISIS suicide bomber" detonated himself in a crowded square in Istanbul is highly suspicious. Not that the event did not occur, but that given that the victims were all foreign tourists, nine Germans and one Peruvian at last count, makes this tragedy stink of a big red "false flag" attack. Oh yes we will here that this was revenge for the justifiable reaction in Germany against the New Years Eve rape assaults.

ISIS black market oil convoy.
I'd speculate that the Erdoğan government manufactured this to give them exactly the excuse they have been looking for to invade Syria and northern Iraq to seize directly the oil that up to now they have just been skimming the profit off the top of. If they run in to the troops of their old nemesis Russia that's a political plus for Erdoğan. He is just as much of a revanchist, seeking to re-establish long lost empire as Putin is. If he can drag NATO into helping him do it all the better for Turkey.

Neither would it surprise me if the Obama administration. went along with it, if for no other reason than to counter attacks against it for appearing "weak" and "feckless". Remember ISIS is not the target of either Obama or Erdoğan, Assad is. God save us all from insane politicians and their evil machinations.

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