Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Hillary Fades Like A Bad Paint Job.

Not that it should surprise anyone, but as so many predicted, Hillary would peak n the polls at year end and then fade into also ran status.  When the Moveon.org, which was established by the Clintons to get the public to "move on" from BJ Bill's sexual peccadilloes, comes out to endorse Bernie Sanders you can be pretty much ensured that Hillary is finished. With the numbers shifting his way in Iowa and getting stronger in New Hampshire, if he caries that momentum forward and wins South Carolina I would speculate Hillary will do noting but carry forward with a token campaign that will allow her to continue raise money and as that dwindles, drop out entirely. This of course will, under existing law allow Hillary to pocket any campaign funds she has not yet spent. Pink slips will go out to her campaign staff faster than shit through a goose. Hillary will show the world a tearful smile as she quietly laughs all the way to the bank.

We should not cheer her justly deserved political demise too loudly as Sanders my prove a more formidable candidate than many might expect. Bernie will turn up the "more free stuff" and "destroy the rich" propaganda rhetoric to at least 11 on the volume scale. So of the very targets of his rhetoric will line up to fill his campaign coffers knowing full well that none of it will get past a Republican controlled Congress. They hate Trump and/or Cruz more than they love Sanders.

We will become bombarded with all the usual bovine scatology about how the evil Republicans are going to repeal Obama Care and take health coverage away form "millions of Americans. Nowhere will you here from Sanders and Company, never mind Hillary, that under the ACA millions of people were reduced from full time employment to part time, and lost even the meger coverage they had, or were dismissed outright and replaced with foreign workers paid under the table. In short a Sanders victory would create chaos and gridlock, which would be the desired outcome.

The federal government has never been interested in doing anything but creating legislation that is intended to "enhance revenue". Simple as that. The ACA is just another mechanism, albeit a very complex one, to contine you the long established practice of shearing the public and paying for increased salaries and benefits for government bureaucrats. If you think otherwise you are both naive and stupid.

We should never underestimate the greed of stupid people or the Democrats skills at producing voter fraud. That is exactly how we got saddled with Obama for the last two terms.  For the Republicans to carry the White House, as always they are going to have to produce a landslide that can overcome the Democrats "margin of fraud".

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