Monday, September 7, 2020

Trump Steps Up

The President's latest orders to cut off all federal funding to the use of "critical race theory" in government agencies as well as cutting off federal funding to schools using the fraudulent "1619 Project" on their curriculums is bound to set leftist brains into apoplectic meltdowns.

This move, along with the DOJ openly admitting it is compiling charges against the leaders and organizers of Antifa and BLM, would seem to indicate that the administration is taking a broad front approach to surpressing what is and open communist insurrection. That the administration is going to tie the insurrectionists directly to the Biden/Harris campaign is a forgone conclusion and Harris is actually facilitating this almost every time she opens her mouth. Even openly stating that the violence "will continue, it must continue."

More to come I'm sure.......

Saturday, September 5, 2020

Come November 4th.

Come dawn Nov. 4th, win or lose Trump needs to smash the communists including their facilitators on college campuses. It's time we recognise and act on the basis that fascism and communism are evil twins. Given power they BOTH rapidly become machines of mass human slaughter. That is an undeniable fact. That fact and that fact alone is all that is needed to render any and all rhetorical differences between them as irrelevant. Dead is dead. When you see these mad, hate filled, spoiled children screaming in the faces of innocent people can you really doubt that they are but half a step from public lynchings? Given that we are already seeing both planned and random assassinations, why would you doubt that Madame LaFarge but lurks in all of these mobs? They are already using moc guillotines. How long until someone hauls out a real one?

Friday, August 14, 2020

Why I Have Come To Loath Professional Athletes,

Organized sports, from professional to the local American Legion leagues is an integral part of supporting and participating in our local communities. Our anamosities were directed at the teams of other cities as friendly rivalries. Nobody cared cared what race or color or where they came from. They very last thing we cared about, wanted to know or even gave a passing thought to was what their politics were. Neither did we care or think about what the politics of our fellow fans was. They were fellow supporters of our guys, playing for our team against those hated rivals from across the town or across the country. That's all that mattered. It a freaking game, and we loved it as such because we played them as kids or we simply loved to watch the competition. A good play was a good play because it was a good play not because it was made by a black guy or a white guy or a brown or yellow guy. We had no problem with meritocracy in sports. We went to the ballpark, arena or stadium because we wanted to see our guys play and win. They were as the should be, neutral ground for everything except beating the other team.

But now all that of has ruined. Destroyed beyond repair by bunch of selfish assholes who think they have the right to not just shove their politics in everybody's face but also demand that everyone, fellow players and fans alike agree with them or risk being called a racist and or being cancelled in social media. Some people have even been fired from their jobs because they dare speak their minds in disagreement even over the smallest of points. They have destroyed our affection for "our" guys, but our affection for the games themselves. The fans are staying away in droves not just from the venues where they are played but also from the TV broadcasts of them. If they think the owners will continue to pay their outrageous salaries in the face of declining ticket sales and shrinking ad revenue they might want to think again, but they won't. So they will get the layoff notices like millions of other Americans, except they will blame it on a racism that doesn't exist.

The "black lives matter" movement has become like a religious cult. A cult possessed of an all seeing eye that is in endless search for things to be offended by and people to condemn and destroy. If you have lived a life or even had an ancestor that fails to meet their definition of what is politically proper you are subject to condemnation. Even for things you have no control over. Worse yet, like in the worst of religious cults, for the "transgressor" there is and can never be any forgiveness or absolution no matter what. The question is, will the rest of us have the courage and gumption to fight back. It is the left that has declared us their enemy and that we and anything we hold dear must be destroyed simply because they say so.

But then that is what this is about. It's not about the right to protest or express an opinion. It's about destroying yet another aspect of life that is and sould be a model for and an expression of what's good and what has been accomplished in and by the great American melting pot. It's about giving voice and power to those who would be an American Pol Pot if given the chance.

Open your eyes people. The "Fourth Turning" is upon us. America's 80 year cycle of crisis has come again. We have successfully overcome them before, albeit only after paying a terrible price. What the cost will be this time is yet to be determined. These forces of destruction are determined that this struggle will be fought whether we want it or not. The question is, will the rest of us muster the courage to not just fight back but destroy them and the vile collectivist oppression they stand for?

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Is The Black Vote Going To Crush Biden?

In 2016 Trump garnered a larger percentage of the black vote than either of the Bush clan Presidents and this was a significant element in Trump's victory of the Hildabeast. It wasn't just that HRC was such an awful candidate who was arrogant in her assumption of victory and a monolithic black vote.

Trump's appeal to blacks of "What have you got to lose?" clearly stuck a cord with many blacks who saw not just 8 years of Obama doing little to nothing to improve their lot, but 30 years of black Democrats enriching themselves while spreading little but crumbs in the communities they claimed to represent.

Is 2020 going to be different? You bet it is! In 2016 there wàs black support for Trump but it was not especially vocal or out front about it for fear of ridicule by the black establishment. In 2020 there are a great many more blacks who have come out of the closet so to speak. And for everyone that is now openly supporting Trump there will be even more who will simply make their feelings known only in the voting booth.

The unspoken fact is that even a 3% to 5% shift on the black vote will doom the Demonrats. We know it, the Demonrats know it and the world is going to know it come Nov.

The other factor that the Demonrats are going to have to dig out from under is that they took the house in 2018 on the basis of a lie. They and the news media had pounded the Russia collision drum from the moment he took office. Subsequent events have show it to have been not just a lie but also a corrupt conspiracy that used the machines of government to attack political opponents. I have little doubt that there is a good percentage of those who voted on that basis who don't like being lied to, specially by politicians, and will vote this year on the basis of their anger at being lied to.

It's not going to be a Reganesque landslide for Trump but it will be, I think, a significant loss for the Demonrats. Otherwise we may as well begin carving the tombstone for the American experiment, because the left is determined to destroy it once and for all.

Friday, June 5, 2020

Who Died And Made The Mayor Of DC President?

I'm seeing that the Demonrat mayor of Washington DC is ordering that all National Guard troops be evicted for Hotels in the District. Just where does it say she has any such authority? It's not in the Constitution and certainly not in the DC city charter. The Constitution prohibits quartering of troops in PRIVATE homes without due compensation. It says nothing about quartering them in public accommodations, compensated or otherwise. The bitch had best read Title 10 Section 253 of the US Code. Her eviction order could certainly be interpreted as inability or  refusal to protect the citizens and property of  Washington DC and refusing to enforce and or hindering the enforcement Federal law. Beyond that the entire city government in DC exists only at the forbearance of Congress and its entire existence and authority can be reverted to Congress by the stroke of a pen.

No one in their right mind would think that the current civil unrest situation is not far worse that that that occurred in Chicago in 1968 or during the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles. In both cases the unrest was localized and yet federal troops were brought in and there was no such push back from local authorities as we are currently seeing in both DC and NYC.

Both of these mayor's and more than a few others and well as state governors are acting like petty lords not wanting their fifedoms overseen or even criticized by higher constitutional authority. They are not "co equal branches of govetnment"and the supremecy clause is still the supercedes them, whatever their objections.

This of course has nothing to do with preserving local authority and it sure as hell has nothing to do with protecting the citizenry or their property. This has everything to do with trying to weaken the President going into the 2020 elections and is motivated solely by the left's white hot rage and hatred of Trump.

Their hypocrisy is both naked and contemptable.

A tale of two Bibles.

Friday, May 29, 2020

This Violence Has Nothing To Do With One Death in Minnesota. Rev. 1.

This rapidly spreading violence has nothing to do with one tragic death in Minneapolis. That tragedy was just the catalyst, the excuse. The radicals of BLM and ANTIFA  are hard core communists and don't give a damn about George Floyd or "social justice". They care about sewing chaos and destruction, anything to weaken or damage the American system of government and human freedom of self-determination.

With the economy reeling and human dispare spreading from a manufactured, deliberate or otherwise, over reaction to the Sino-Lung-Rot they have grabbed onto this tragedy to spread violence as far and as wide as possible to try to trigger a further over reaction to bring them under control which would then have the  Democrats and the Media screaming "Trump is a Fascist!" 24-7 right up until the election or to push the country into such a deep depression that we will have little means left to resist further Chinese subversion and economic aggression.

Only a fool would think the large Chinese presence in our universities is just to steal our secrets. Our homegrown communist college professors aren't the only ones responsible for filling generations of American student's heads with anti-American crap.

The other factor that should not be ignored is the rapid unraveling of the Spygate scandal that threatens to not just expose criminal conduct in the Obama White House, which it is increasingly appearing that Biden was involved with, but more importantly threatens the structures and actions of an entrenched intelligence community and FBI bureaucracy that has long put itself and it's judgements above the law, the people and republic. To think that people like Obama, Brennan, Clapper, Comey and the rest are above creating dangerous and deadly distractions in order to try and save their asses from prosecution and criminal conviction is naive and simple ignores the arrogance of power.

This is not about bringing down Trump in 2020. The naive may think this is just a destroy Trump at any cost game and once he is out of office things can go back to their "normal" self-indulgent foolishness. This is about bring down America. If you don't believe that then you haven't been listening to what the communists have been saying since the end of WWII.

Monday, May 18, 2020

Barr Says No Charges For Obama Or Biden??

Well screw that Billy Boy. Obama and Biden are both guilty as sin and you know it. Your statement seems both presumptuous and premature.

I can only ask , no not ask, demand, "What did they know and when did they know it?" If they knew what their underlings and agents were doing and those actions were criminal, why did they tolerate it and not stop it  and immediately fire them, if not refer them for prosecution? Are we supposed to believe that both Obama and Biden were oblivious to what was going on around them?

I understand that any attempt to prosecute either of them will be seen as political by many, regardless of what ever evidence is presented. But should they be really be exempt from investigation and prosecution simply because of their status as former office holders? If they have guilt to bear then let the evidence be examined and presented to the public. Then and only then let the President decide to pardon them as Ford did Nixon to prevent an even deeper crisis. But he did so only after Nixon's guilt was clear for ALL to see. So let it be with Obama and Biden.

Indeed there are just as many who would see it as political to not investigate and preclude charges, particularly if there is strong evidence that they attempted to disrupt that longest of American political traditions, the peaceful transition of power between administrations, no matter how bitter the political disagreements. In fact John Adams was so disturbed and angry after the tumultuous election of 1800 that he refused to attend Jefferson's inauguration and simply packed his bags and started on the road back to Massachusetts.

This tradition has been a sacred trust 9f the American system and something free governments around the world have long aspired to emulate. It's violation should be regarded as among the highest orders of treason against the republic.

So then I can understand if not grudgingly agree to pardons but only after their actions have been examined by the Dept. of Justice AND the public. If they are indeed guilty of crimes let them be stripped of all pensions and protections and let them live out their lives in shame, ignominity and obscurity.

Sunday, May 10, 2020

The Greatest Danger Of The Obama Plot.

As much as we would all like to see it and as guilty as Obama may be for either instigating or approving this treason against the Republic he will never be arrested. One of the reasons Barr and Durham are taking as long as they have up to this point is that they know they must construct an absolutely air tight case against him. One that leaves him absolutely no wiggle room to make any deflections to his underlings or to claim he knew noting of their plots Against Trump and the incoming administration. When they have that case constructed someone will go to Obama and present him with it and give him the option to "escape" into exile and obscurity.

The danger being that if the DOJ does place him under arrest, per walks him and presents even irrefutable evidence for all the world to see, the communist left will use it as an excuse to quite literally burn American cities to the ground and create so much havoc and destruction that it will both ignite a civil war at home and give the Chinese Communists an all but free hand to take Taiwan, ignite a new war in Korea and do god only knows what else in the western Pacific.

Do not ever underestimate the evil that burns within these people and their desire to destroy not just the United States but human freedom itself. Both sides know the left holds this card and it would be a great mistake to think they are not willing to play it.

FOR THE LEFT ORWELL'S 1984 IS NOT A WARNING BUT RATHER AN INSTRUCTION MANUAL! "What is the future Winston? Imagine a boot stomping on a human face, FOREVER."

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Leftist Hate and Bad Brain Chemistry

I have been contending for a while now that when an individual becomes singularly focused  on hatred for an extended period of time that it creates a change in brain chemistry that can in extreme cases cause defineable and diagnosable insanity.
It has long been established that many defined mental disorders are the result of chemical changes and imbalances in the brain and that they can be treated with drugs (chemicals) that effect and or restore those imbalances.
Why then should it be some stretch of the imagination that obsessive and compulsive hatred, as we are seeing focused on Trump and anyone who even dares express support for him or his policies, would created these same sort of imbalances that lead to virtually identical irrational and delusional behaviors and expressions?
Why then should there be an exception to a diagnosis of irrational delusions and or obsessive compulsive behavior because they are out growth of the person's politics?
After all we don't have any problem saying that the Hitlerites or the Stalinists or Maoists or Keymer Rouge were insane. Other than the extremes of what they actually did with power, how are their expressions that different from what we heard from Howard Stern or Jennifer Rubin? Why then shouldn't we be deathly afraid if people who make such statements are just as insane and would give their hatreds murderous manifestation given the opportunity?

Friday, April 3, 2020

Bill Gates, America's Would Be Director Of Everything.

Bill Gates has gone on record demanding that President Trump shut down the nation for an entire year. This is of course utter insanity but it is easy for him to say from behind the walls of his billion dollar estate with electrified fences and hundreds of security cameras monitored by armed guards possessing an arsenal that would make any prepper green with envy. He no doubt has stockpiles of food and supplies to sustain his family and staff for well over a year. I'm sure he also has Doctors and nurses on staff and a well stocked private hospital on site. Add in huge diesel generators and the fuel supplies to operate them, along with private wells and water filtration systems. Short of falling down and breaking his damn neck he has nothing to worry about.  Meanwhile 10 million Americans are now unemployed, many of whom were already living paycheck to paycheck.

Just don't be surprised as this virus runs it's course if another bio-hazard suddenly appears as an excuse to keep us locked away, afraid and dependent on government. I'm sure Gates and people like him have dreams of Ray Bradbury's "Fahrenheit 451" and would burn every copy of George Orwell's "1984" and "Animal Farm" and especially Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World". They dream of a world where all information and communication is filtered through controlled media and platforms like Google, Yahoo and Facebook and only available on "smart" TVs and software and hardware systems they own and through which they can control and limit what you see and monitor what you say and whom you communicate with.

They really do see themselves as the "masters of the universe" and that they and only they are wise enough and capable enough of making the decisions on how society should operate and who should operate it. They see themselves as Huxley's Alphas and those that work for them, building and running their control platforms as their society's Betas. The rest of us, those who can't be replaced with robots (that they and only they can be allowed to build and supply), will be the Gammas and confined to the basements of society. The virtual slaves, worthy of little more than the dirty jobs, stoop labor and domestic servants catering to their petty, capricious whims and demands. If you are not among those they need as slaves as ND whose jobs have been replaced with robots and AI, you will just be cut off and allowed to die off in obscurity like you never existed.

If I could tell Gates and his kind anything it would be to tell them to go crawl into your million dollar panic rooms with your safes full of cash, bullion, guns and food and please never come out. Either that or take out one of your pistols and blow your fracking brains out. We don't need or want your vision of the future and we don't need or want you.

Monday, March 23, 2020

The Chinese Virus And What It Means

I have hesitated to write anything about the Chinese flu epidemic up until now because, well everybody is writing about the Chinese flu epidemic. Frankly I'm still all but certain that whatever your humble correspondent writes here will become lost in all the surface noise, because thats what 99% of what is out there is, surface noise. So I'm going to be blunt about it. The reader can either take it at face value and consider it or get all offended by it. I don't really care. So here goes
GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS AMERICA!  This might be an epic struggle with a pandemic disease on the surface but beneath its immediate danger is an economic and ideological conflict the outcome of which will shape the remainder of this century and beyond.
Chinese government controlled companies have produced and sold to Americans:
1. Poisoned toothpaste.
2. Poisoned dogfood.
3. Poisonous dry wall.
4. Children's toys covered with lead paint.
5. Children's clothing that leached dangerous chemicals.
These were not simply accidents or quality control failures. They were tests to see what they could get away with and to see how we would react to such hidious crimes. We failed the test in that we have done nothing but wag a finger with one hand while signing off on more business dealings the other.
But all Twitter, FaceBook, the news media and global corporations are worried about are their ad revenues and profits from China so they not only won't block Chinese propaganda, they openly propagate it. It's as if the entire world has forgotten the terrible lessons of the 20th century. In hindsight we condemn those people and families and regimes that profited from dealing with Hitler's Germany, Mussolini's Italy and Tojo's Japan yet today we say virtually nothing about those profiting hand over fist by dealing with an equally venal Communist China.
 THE WORLD AS A WHOLE NEEDS TO DISENGAGE FROM CHINA COMPLETELY!  There is nothing they produce that we can't either make ourselves or obtain from other suppliers. There is no reason in the world we can't build clothing  and small appliance etc. factories in Central and South America. This would not only help to disengage from China, limiting their economic and political reavh but would also help stem the flood of illegal immigrants who primary motivation is the lack of economic opportunity in their own countries.
The Chinese lie cheat and steal at every turn. And they get away with it because we don't punish them even when they get caught because some global corporation profiting in the billions, shoves millions of dollars into the pockets of politicians of both parties to block any initiatives to punish China.   
They enslave their own people in huge labor camps to produce the cheap goods we buy, most of which aren't worth the boxes they come in or they wear out or break down in six months and we don't care because they're cheap. So we just throw it away and buy another one because we no longer have either the skill much less the desire to fix anything. 
They imprison religious minorities in concentration camps including Muslims and Christians and virtually all of the Tibetan nation. They harvest human organs from prisoners against their will to sell them into the global black market. Again we turn a blind eye because well we're gluttons and drunks or we certainly have a relative or two that are and we or they just might need a new kidney or liver some day. All that's missing is the "Arbiet Macht Frei" sign over the gates.
This is of course only a partial list of China's economic crimes and crimes against humanity, but we  are supposed to trust them to make such critical goods as our medicines and medical devices, our machine tools and equipment?  We have left ourselves vulnerable to coercion and blackmail by the most racist, corrupt, inhuman,fascist nation of the 21st century. A brutal regime that openly states their determination to become the most dominant economic and military power on Earth. Have not heard and seen this before?
If nothing else comes out of this epidemiological disaster it should open our eyes to the folly of globalism that has been promoted by both parties and shoved down our throats by every President since Bush the elder. It should also be revealing to the politically naive why all of them  so viciously opposed Trump and his America first agenda and still do so to this day.

We can either disengage and confront this 21st century fascist monstrosity or fall into the trap of fear, appeasement and the inevitability of a 21st century war, the survivability would be in serious doubt. At the risk of repeating myself, GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS AMERICA!

Well that's my 2¢ worth on the Chinese virus crisis. Please feel free to agree, disagree, praise or condemn in the comments. But at least have an open enough mind to turn off the TV for awhile and think!

Friday, February 14, 2020

Gateway Part Two.

In response to having been banned by Gateway Pundit I sent the following missive to their service address.

"I have been a frequent commentor on Gateway for several years and have frequently garnered positive reations to my posts as FVS.

"My comment on the recent story concerning the blatently racist UVA student who was calling, for all intents and purposes, a return to segregation, was intended as both irony and sarcasm. Yet whoever you have monitoring comments on this story took it literally and chose to not simply remove the post or temporarily suspended my posting privileges but instead issued an outright ban on my IP address and remove all of the hundreds of comments I have made over the years.

"I find such a reaction to be antithetical to what I and so many others have come to believe your site stands for. It is what one might expect from Twitter or Facebook.

"Your consideration and review of this matter would be greatly appreciated and simply because I feel I have made meaningful contributions in the past but have have developed relationships with several of my fellow contributors over the years."

Rather than address any of the points I raised their response was a terse one liner. "The ban was for racism." It only proved my point regarding their over reaction and lack of perceptive capabilities.

Not being one to accept such a terse and arrogant dismissal I sent off the following reply.

"Horse feathers. Your inability to perceive tongue in cheek sarcasm is apparently limited. If my comment was intended as racist why then did I end it with suggesting that a trip to West Africa might give her a greater appreciation for what living in a majority white country has provided? Have you ever been to Africa? I have.

Or perhaps it's that banning people with perspectives different than your staff's gives you some sense if power. It seems you are more concerned about what you perceive as my racism than you are about the real racism of the left that goes largely unchallenged.

I am of that generation that grew up with and were part of the desegregation movement. We lived with and freely associated blacks and accepted them as equals. We believed in Dr. King's message of judgement based on character rather than color.  Our thanks for this has been that today our children and grandchildren are taught in school that they are inherently evil and racist simply based on the color of their skin.

If you are offended by the disillusionment and sarcasm of my generation at the destruction of those things we were brought up to believe in and act in accordance with just wait to you see what happens when the full reaction of a generation taught to be self loathing sets in.

I harbor no illusions that you will reconsider your decision but I would suggest you broaden your perspectives on history and consider the repercussions of the destruction of the nobility of what others were taught and sincerely believed in rather than simply dismissing what you don't understand as racism while the world around us sinks into yet another fascist nightmare."

These morons might think that this is over. It's not. There are larger issues here than their petty arrogance. Stay tuned.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Gateway Pundit goes full PC on Race

A great many conservatives Gateway Pundit has been both a reliable source of news without the filter of leftist bill crap and a place where commentary was freewheeling and largely unrestricted. Irony, sarcasm and all measures of snark were openly accepted and debate where disagreement occured was accepted and expected.

Some how that has now changed, at least when it comes to the subject of criticizing black racism with the same aformentioned irony and sarcasm.

My regular readers will also know me by my Disqus handle of FVS. I commented on Gateway's leading story of the day concerning  a black UVA student making a blatantly racist statement that there were "to many white people" at the opening of the newly built campus "Cultural Diversity Center".
I responded, implying that if she is so much in favor of segregation, that perhaps we should just return to full blown segregation with colored only drinking fountains and perhaps the 3/5ths rule as well.  I closed the comment, proving it was sarcasm directed at the irony of her idiotic remark, by suggest she take an extended trip to her ancestral homelands of West Africa and she might come home with a greater appreciation of what living in a majority white country has provided for her.

This comment was met with immediate reaction from Gateway's nameless moderator who took such offence that the comment was not simply removed not was I put in some kind of "time out" like I was a petulant child, but I was permanently banned from commenting on the platform.

I can only conclude that Gateway is hiring ex twitter employees as moderators or they are so afraid of the racecard Nazis that no such absurd sarcasm is to be tolerated.. Or perhaps they have hired former Obama AG William Holder as their race issue moderator. Holder was after all the guy who made his first speech at the DOJ saying that "We are a nation of cowards" on the subject of race. It would certainly appear that that mindset had taken root at Disqus.

Sunday, February 2, 2020

Explain How This Is OK You Leftist Scumbags

Tell us again why we don't need a wall on the Mexican border...

Jan 31 (Reuters) - A man accused of killing two police officers while acting as the leader of an al Qaeda group in the Iraqi city of Fallujah was arrested in Phoenix, Arizona, federal officials said on Friday.
Ali Yousif Ahmed Al-Nouri, 42, is wanted in Iraq on charges of premeditated murder of the Iraqi police officers in 2006, according to a statement by the U.S. Attorney's Office District of Arizona.
An Iraqi judge issued a warrant for Al-Nouri's arrest and the government there issued an extradition request to the U.S. Justice Department, the statement said.
The Justice Department sought an arrest warrant for Al-Nouri and he was taken into custody on Thursday in Phoenix.
He appeared before a federal magistrate judge in Phoenix on Friday in connection with proceedings to extradite him to Iraq, the statement said.
According to the Iraqi government, al-Nouri was the leader of an al Qaeda group in Fallujah which planned operations targeting Iraqi police.
The statement noted the details in the Iraqi complaint were allegations that had yet to been proven in court.
Al-Nouri's extradition would have to be certified by the U.S. court and the U.S. Secretary of State would then decide whether to surrender him to Iraq, the statement said.
It was not immediately possible to contact Al-Nouri for comment or determine whether he had hired a lawyer.
The statement did not provide information on when Al-Nouri entered the United States or how long he had lived in Phoenix. (Reporting by Andrew Hay in New Mexico; Editing by Lincoln Feast.)

Saturday, February 1, 2020

China: Second Degree Effects

In my previous post I mentioned how the coronovirus has the potential to seriously impair the Chinese economy and destabilize the government with possible serious repercussions for the party leadership.

This has been all but confirmed by Chinese attacks on the US as "cruel" for taking steps to  protect itself from further contagion by prohibiting entry to foreigners with recent Chinese travel in their passport records and cutting off of air travel on US carriers.

I have seen no mention so far about shutting out ocean traffic of vessels coming from or through Chinese ports but I expect that will be coming soon both here and elsewhere. As it stands the US, while vulnerable to further contagion it is not the most vulnerable nation.

Once that happens we can expect to see the Chinese stock market to crash rapidly with repercussions for other markets that have become overly dependent on interaction with the Chinese economy including our own. In fact we are already seeing this effect beginning in full anticipation of a highly probable health quarantine of China.

All this of course raises the possibility of even more second degree effects and necessary reactions to them. Firstly, severe contraction of access to foreign markets and cash will trigger waves of loan defaults and unemployment and with it social unrest, as I mentioned previously. This they will try to stem with rapid money creation leading to inflation if not hyperinflation.

Then thr question will become what will the People's Liberation Army do? Will they simply be used in the internal quarantine and  suppression of internal unrest, will they be used in a manufactured foreign crisis as both a distraction and to attempt to create a false patriotic national unity or does the government think they have the logistical capabilities to do both? Or is there the possibility of a straight up military coup and dictatorship?

As to the impact on and reaction to a Chinese quarantine on Western economies I think that is going to depend on how capable of and how quickly they can gear up their own production capabilities to manufacture critical goods presently coming out of China and or create and expand sources from other nations as well as how quickly a vaccine and new antiviral treatments can be developed.

On the US domestic political front we have already seen some of the Democrats insanely trying to blame this crisis on Trump. It is true that the general population has a strong tendency to strictly vote their pocket books and how they perceive the direction of the economy. The impact of Trump Derangement Syndrome on this is going to be hard to measure, at least at first.

In this regard a lot is going to depend on whether or not Trump's team can quickly produce an emergency response plan that addresses both public health concerns and economic contraction that can garner public support.  The other factor will be how willing the Democrats can be to put aside their blind hatred long enough to secure the nation from a real existential threat.

Sadly if recent history is any indicator they won't be able to and will try to exploit the crisis for political gain no matter how much suffering and death it causes.

In any case the next few weeks and months are going to be very interesting if not dangerous.

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Outbreak! It's More Than Just Germs.

This flu virus outbreak ctisis in China is far from over and it's not going to be just a public health crisis, although that's going to be a major element. Watch Africa. Chinese penetration into Africa is massive. If the virus has been transmitted there and if the R0 transmission rate goes above three, given  the appaling lack of health care, urban centers in sub sahara Africa could well be devastated.

Recall also what Mark Twain said about history rhyming. In the 1960's China was in the midst of launching an invasion of India when a massive crop failure forced them to retreat for fear of food riots and an insurection that could have toppled the government. Now in the midst of a geopolitical expansion they are faced with both a contracting economic picture and a potential pandemic disease outbreak that could lead to civil unrest that could again threaten to destabilize or topple the government. This is the last thing the polit-bureau needs piled on top of their concerns about the unrest in Hong Kong spreading to the mainland.

This shit has all the potential to get really ugly really fast. Just where things progress from here only time will tell.  Look for neighboring countries to follow North Korea's example in closing their borders and halting air traffic to and from China.

Monday, January 13, 2020

Portlandia Goes Nuts Taxing Jobs And Success

Just as in Seattle when they mandated a $15 min. wage and businesses moved outside the city limits. The same will happen in Portlandia. Who will this hurt? All the low income families that work at Walmart etc. who now will face either having to find new jobs or longer more expensive commutes. The other unintended consequences will of course be retail shoppers facing longer drives to these store will simply turn to Amazon (another of those mega corporations they seem to love to hate) and other home delivery services further accelerating the destruction of brick and mortar stores and consequently depriving the city of jobs, sales tax, real estate tax and business license revenue. The added impact of this will be the deterioration of local neighborhoods that patronize these smaller business that also provide local entry level jobs.
This is quite predictably what happens when idiot leftists legislate on the basis of emotion rather than reason and basic math.

Friday, December 13, 2019

Virginia Democrats: Ignoring History And Unintended Consequences

The Demonrats of Virginia are, as is their customary practice, allowing transitory political power go to their heads while simultaneously ignoring the possibility of unintended consequences. Their passage of draconian and clearly unconstitutional gun control laws produced an immediate reaction from the vast majority of state county governments that immediately passed 2nd Amendment sanctuary ordinances that the local sheriffs immediately announced their support for. One Sheriff announcing that he would officially deputise as many citizens of his county as necessary to thus authorize their right to carry arms banned by the state.

Rather than stopping to reconsider their overreach the Governor and state Attorney General chose to double down and announced that they would use the state National Guard to enforce their corrupt laws. Apparently the Governor hasn't considered that these are not innocent children with no means to resist his murderous intent, but full grown adults willing and able to resist in order to protect their rights.

The shortsightedness of corrupt politicians seeking to suppress the liberties of free men and women has a long and storied history, especially in Virginia.

So what are the unintended consequences of this tyranny? They range from the mild to the violent.

1. The members of the National Guard, officers and enlisted, may simple refuse to follow the Governor's unlawful orders.
2. Some counties of Virginia may either declare their independence from Virginia and petition for admission to the Union as a new state or request to become part of West Virginia or North Carolina.
3. Any attempt to call up the National Guard could result in the President nationalizing the Guard and either ordering them to stand down and or placing them under the command of regular Army officers from outside of Virginia. (Recall President Eisenhower's actions in Little Rock Arkansas.)
4. Like minded patriots from across the country could very well flood into the state, armed to the teeth and ready to stand in solidarity with the Patriots of Virginia.

Is a standoff the likes of Bundy Ranch on steroids in the offing? Only time will tell. Clearly the Governor and AG haven't considered that many of the members of the state National Guard and State Police are the very same people and come from the very communities that these outrageous and tyrannical laws are directed against. Even if a substantial portion of the National Guard and  State Police choose to follow the Governor's orders it would by definition remain a limited pool of resources. That would be outnumbered by both local and out of state militias that would come to the defense of the 2nd Amendment.

Either way, by violence or a political retreat, the Demonrats of Virginia are in for a humiliating defeat. Whether bloodshed is involved is entirely up to them at this point.

Sunday, December 1, 2019

So Just How Revealing Will The Horowitz Report Be?

That is of course the question on everyone's lips. Is going to be an attempt to try and minimize the the involment of the Obama administration in trying to derail the candidacy and Presidency of Donald Trump. Or it going to point fingers at more than just some allegedly "low level" staff lawyers and raise serious questions if not accusations of malfeasance at the FBI and DOJ?

It must be kept in mind that Horowitz as an IG for the Justice Dept. is not authorized to do anything but make referrals for prosecution and those would be confined to officials within the Justice Dept. This does not mean he has not unearthed information on Obama officials outside his limited purview. Neither is there any limitation on what he can or does share with other authorities who do have the power to further investigate, impanal a grand jury and present indictments both I side and outside of the Justice Dept. I.e. John Durham.

It should also be noted that both the Horowitz and Durham investigations have been pretty much leak free up to this point. With the completed Horowitz report now in circulation internally there are bound to be leaks. The one leak we have seen is being passed of by the media as the aforementioned "low level" staff lawyer. No one with even a reasonable amount of scepticism is buying it. I would suspect that if there is seriously damaging information in the report AG Barr is keeping a tight ship and wants everything properly presented in the manner prescribed by law and then let things in the investigatory realm and the public reaction arena proceed as they will.

Horowitz is of course only the first shoe to drop. Durham will be the game maker or breaker. And how the reports play against the backdrop of the impeachment frenzy no one can really tell.

No matter what anybody who thought the 2016 election season was momentous had better hold their breath because 2020 is going to be utter chaos.

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Seriously REO Speedwagon Needs To Sue Adam Schiff

These hearings have become analogous to both the Hillary campaign and cat chaceing a laser pen video.
Firstly in that they've tried to stack the rules entirely in their favor they still keep coming up with the short end of the stick.
Secondly in that there is certainly a measure of entertainment in watching a cat chase laser beam and in the schadenfreude of knowing that cat will never catch it.

Most people have a limited stomach for crybaby sore losers and even the most entertaining cat video can only hold an audience's attention for two or three times though the loop.

Wednesday demonstrated the entire process in a nut shell. After a o three page self serving and ambiguous opening statement followed by numerous leading questions, Schiff and his minions were once again certain that they had finally caught Trump. Schiff couldn't wait to go into recess and get his face in front of the news cameras to declare victory. The bombshell has finally gone off! For the 347th time! And of course ABCNNBCBS et al were already repeating the aria even before the recess began. Egar as they are to prove that there is no unconsidered consequence they aren't willing to ignore in pursuit Donald Trump's head.

Today's story ended with the second act, comprised of Republicans cross examining the Ambassador and clarifying the ambiguities to reveal that all he really had were presumptions built from the same kind of hearsay after hearsay we had been hearing since the Schiff show started.

But I guess we don't need to worry for the Schiff show never ends. Well not until it become a matter of "will the last person on stage turn off the laser and take the cat home with them please."

This Vindman shit is seriously fucked up.

The job offer from Ukraine pretty clearly shows in who’s national interest Ukraine thought Vindman was operating. It should have been revealed to his commanding officer IMMEDIATELY and led to serious questions about where his loyalties actually do lay including a polygraph examination. If he did report it to his superiors as he claimed he did and they failed to follow up should at the very least raise questions about their competence if not loyalties. If he didn't report the offer it constitutes a deriliction of duty and should trigger an immediate article 32 hearing. 

The fact that he holds dual citizenship should have disqualified him from having any dealings with Ukraine or US policy as regards Ukraine. This is such an obvious conflict of interest even a blind man could see it. Not only should he be removed from the NSC but anyone associated with placing him there should face demotion and transfer to the most out of the way, inconsequential job possible. This shit is  seriously fucked up.

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Who Is Going To Win This Struggle And What Happens When They Do?

It should be pretty clear by now to most everyone that there is a monumental struggle going on in our country right now. The outcome of that struggle will determine whether the United States permanently sinks into becoming a full fledged empire controlled and operated but the Praetorian Guards of the bureaucratic establishment, the deep state if you prefer, or if We The People again becomes our guiding principle and the decisions of the voters actually do matter in regards to the policy directions of the nation. Is the President elected by the people to remain the true chief executive of the nation as defined by the Constitution or is he to become a mere figure head following the dictates of an unelected and unaccountable bureaucracy?

This question is no longer one of  idle speculation. The possibility of violent civil unrest if not a civil war is becoming a real possibility. Our nation and people have not been so divided and suspicious of each other since the upheavals leading up to the War Between The States in the mid 19th century. That war surrounded the freeing of people held in slavery. The issue was pretty much cut and dried. Were we all to be people with the God given rights as outlined in the Declaration of Independence and enumerated in the Bill of Rights or not? The coming struggle is going to be between those who still believe in those founding principles, that the people are the Masters of the state and those who wish to make the state the master of men, locking us all into thes slavery of dependence and blind obedience.

There is nothing new about this struggle. Dwight Eisenhower warned us of its coming in his farewell address. (I would strongly encourage any and all to watch it)1 Like him or not many remain convinced that John Kennedy's assassination was driven by his openly challenging the power of CIA and Federal Reserve Bank, the very engines of the military-industrial complex Eisenhower warned us of. The two most important directives Kennedy launched were the very first ones that were scrapped or simply ignored by the Johnson administration. Kennedy had ordered the Treasury Dept. to issue US NOTES that were completely outside the control of the Fed's debt machine, and he had begun discussions with Gen. Douglas MacArthur on how to best extricate the US from the growing disaster in Southeast Asia. Later telling members of the Joint Chiefs who were encouraging greater US deployments, "Convince General MacArthur and you'll convince me." After his assassination the Treasury Note program, which was intended solely for funding technological development i.e. NASA and infrastructure development and repair, was immediately shelved and the further issuance of US NOTES was halted. 2  Shortly thereafter we got the fabricated from confusion "Gulf of Tonkin Incident"3 which became the justification for expanding the war in Vietnam.4 The death machines of the military industrial complex that Eisenhower had warned us of kicked into high gear. Now nearing 60 years and over 50,000 dead Americans later we still suffer from the scars of that war.

Today the conflict manifests itself in the open insurrection of the bureaucratic state against another President who wants to end the cycle of American involvement in endless wars that serve no discernible American interest, seeks to create relations with hostile nations based on communication rather than conflict and confrontation and worse still, dares to communicate directly with the American people and refuses to have his message filtered through a media system that serves as nothing more than a mouth piece for the CIA and is cousins in the alphabet soup of civilian intelligence operations.

That this President continues to draw huge crowds and is growing his support base only angers the bureaucracy and makes them more determined to not just destroy him but subjugate what they consider as "the great unwashed" to their will.

As it stands right now the visible part of this conflict remains in the political arena and focused on the impeachment charade which is nothing more than a continuation of the Russian collusion charade. The impeachment vote wasn't about impeachment, it was about trying to create and control the narrative of a President "struggling under the weight of investigations" and riding that narrative to a political victory in 2020 as they rode the "unanswered questions" of the Russian collusion/obstruction narrative to a majority in the House in 2018. The underlying desire is not so much a political victory but to maintain the ever thinning veneer of democracy shielding the bureaucrats pulling the levers of power.

The real danger will come when this coup attempt fails as the last one did and the President in turn rides that to a second term. Will they ramp up their idiot shock troops of antifa and the Black Lives Matter to foment even more street violence, chaos and assaults on the basic freedoms that underpin ours and any free republic? Will they unleash there thinly veiled alliance with Islamist agents of chaos to conduct attacks against Synagogues and Churches as is already accruing in Europe and particularly in France? Or will they go straight to the "Kennedy option"?

What ever they do they are not going to stop their assaults on the President as chief executive, the concepts of constitutional self-government and Judeo-Christian Western Civilization. You are not going to hear Nancy Pelosi say "Oh well we lost this time, we'll try again next time." Your not going to see the bureaucracy return to serving the policy directives of the President and the public like they are supposed to. Such is anathema to their nature and there ingrained vision as all knowing masters over the masses who they regard as subjects rather than citizens.

A certain candidate who shall remain nameless was the test case for seeing how far they can apply pressure to destroy the second amendment. He may have failed but that doesn't mean that pressure is going to stop. It will just move to other channels and operatives.

They may do their best to remain nameless and faceless but they are human and as with all humans they have fears. And their greatest fear is now as it always has been for tyrannies, an enraged and armed public willing to act. In addition they are possessed of a great many insecurities as to just how willing to act the junior officers, NCOs and non commissioned ranks of the military will be if instructed to turn against the very kind of people and communities many if not most of them come from.

Whatever happens there is not going to be any returning to "the old normal" as what is being foisted on the public as " the new normal" already has a lot of people pretty angry. The stand off at the Bundy Ranch was a precedent they wish to avoid. They would much rather see us all go quietly into dependence and servitude and if not go the way of way of Ruby Ridge or Waco Texas.

Decision time is coming like it or not. Will we heed Jefferson's warning that "A government powerful enough to give you everything you want, is also powerful enough to take everything you have."Or will we be forced into acting on his other warning that "The tree of liberty must be watered with the blood of patriots and tyrants alike."


Wednesday, October 30, 2019

It's All Pure Coincidence I'm Sure.

What if?
Pres. Trump wanted to get precise information on Al-Baghdadi's location. He knew that withdrawing U.S. troops from northeastern Syria would enrage the left and possibly embolden ISIS. Because the successful destruction of the geographic Caliphate have deep state connections to both Syria and ISIS  was been severed?  Was someone in need of getting a message to Al-Baghdadi in person?

But someone going in there while shells and rockets are being lobbed across the border in both directions and Turkish forces are pressing in to Syria is highly problematic. If someone was going in there need to be a cease fire.

Suddenly there is a cease fire and Pelosi and Schiff head out to Syria virtually unannounced. Does anybody really think this is coincidental? Why have neither of them made any significant statement on why they went, who they met and what they did there?

Just as suddenly, accord to the New York Times, Al-Baghdadi's location is determined while these two shitbags are in the Syrian sandbox. More coincidence?

It's no secret that the Obama admin was largely responsible  for creating, arming and training ISIS. Trump is well aware of this.

Pres. Trump had issued the command authority to take Al-Baghdadi last week. Is it possible that Pelosi-Schiff were on a mission to get a message to Al-Baghdadi? Did Trump suspect this and had them and anybody they came in contact with under close surveillance and this was how Al-Baghdadi's exact location was determined?

Can this shit get any deeper? Just wait. There more coincidences to be seen. During Trump's press conference he was asked if he had notified Pelosi or anyone in Congress and he very directly stated that he did not because he didn't want any leaks or American casualties.

Pelosi is not yet among those Trump has directly called traitors. But I'm sure in his mind he considers her and Schiff as such. So did Trump somehow arrange this string of coincidences and manipulate Pelosi and Schiff to nail Al-Baghdadi?

Was this a Military Intelligence operation that deliberately skirted around the civilian three letter agencies? Given the frantic parade of so-called witnesses connected to those agencies being called by Schiff in his Star Chamber hearings, it would certainly seem possible.

It has since been revealed that this was carried out by an Army Delta Force unit. It is not known yet if this unit was part of the "Army of Northern Virginia" that operates out of Quantico. It certainly seems possible.  The fact that there were no leaks seems to indicate that it was MI not CIA of NSA.

Pres. Trump also mentioned, in more than a passing manner, that a number of documents and  other materials were seized during the raid. Does any of this material and or a surveillance ops on Pelosi and Schiff while they were in the sandbox indicate that they had passed info to Al-Baghdadi?

This is of course all speculation of an outsider looking in at what appears to be a string of bizarre coincidences. But how many coincidences have to occur one after the other before statistical improbability sets in and makes mere coincidence not just improbable but impossible?

Hey maybe I'm just crazy but if I can string this together others are as well. Including the aforementioned shitbags Pelosi and Schiff.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Biting Off More Than they Can Chew

I think Nancy and , company have painted them selves into a corner and they know it. They never expected the President to release the transcript of the conversation with the newly elected President of Ukraine. A man who by the way ran and won on a platform of combating that countries rampant corruption.

Pelosi et al thought that they could endlessly spin the third hand hear say accusations of someone, who is now exposed as nothing more than a Democrat operative, into political gold. But what they have done is prove once more that Democrats never stop to consider the possibility of unforseen consequences or the actions of a unpredictable President before acting precipitously.

Clearly they learned nothing from the Mueller report disaster. Clearly they still haven't figured out that Donald Trump is not some RINO weakling (can you hear me Mittens?) who will roll over in the face of adversity. He himself stated right to there faces, "Frankly I thrive on it."

As it become increasingly apparent  that there is no there there as to to the claims of blackmailing the new Ukrainian President they have little choice but to once again retreat to that other failed tactic of accusing the President of obstruction. Never once did they stop and ask themselves, if this failed with the Mueller investigation and it failed with the Kavanaugh nomination why would we think it will succeed with this even flimsier tissue of lies?

Never did they stop to think about the fact it is Hillary, Biden and the DNC that is up to their waist in the muck of Ukrainian corruption or that the President's team has already figured that out and is going to shovel it down their throats.

Now that Trump has called their bluff and exposed their extra-constitutional coup for what it is they are realizing that that isn't a light at the end of the tunnel but rather a freight train headed straight for them and they have not the slightest prayer of getting out of the way.

Did they really think that they could blatantly lie and abandon all established procedures and precedents just because of their bloodlust hatred of Trump and get away with it? Do they really think that this circus will derail the Horowitz report or Durham's investigation? Do they really think the American people will just walk away and let them use this fraud as a means to shred the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and install a naked communist in the White House without any repercussions?

Yes there are more than plenty of naive ignorant fools in the American electorate who put their emotions above the law and facts but there are also plenty of Americans who are well versed in those documents and our history and if put in a position where they no longer have anything left to lose they will  not just go away and say "Oh well, we'll try again in 2024."

The 80 year crisis cycle is coming due and these fools think they can control it. WE THE PEOPLE are more than weary of government for the governing at the expense of the rights of the governed. Whatever the outcome of the pending crisis it is going to get ugly between now and is resolution.

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Hunting For Something To Be Outraged About

Johnny Depp's foray into selling cologne (at $150.00 an oz,) has crashed and burned before even getting off the ground. It was straffed and destroyed by the PC police just as it was rolled on to the runway for take off.

The crime? That it used fanciful images of native Americans and a name of "Sauvage". Such linking of the two is strictly forbidden by the new Puritans. Our self appointed guardians of language and the protected classes. Historical reality be damned, they don't like it, so it must be destroyed. There will be no discussion allowed.

So what's the problem? The native American populations were for the most part savages by any standards you want to choose be they 16th century or 21st century.

For a great many native tribes one of the primary aspects of their warfare, both amongst each other and against European settlers, was kidnapping for the purposes of rape and slavery.

But by the corrupt, short sighted standards of "white culture must be destroyed" such activities are only to be considered criminal if and when they are committed by white people against a protected class.

Having been so designated as a victim class and thus protected, apparently conveys a get out of jail free card for any and all past crimes.  A free pass that no white may possess, no matter how virtuous, simply because of the color of their skin.

But let's not even dare to explore that other and not infrequent practice of our sacred protected peoples, human sacrifice occasioned with a bit of cannibalism. After all that was just a "cultural thing" right? Kind of like raping young boys and marrying prepubescent girls to old men is in much of Muslim central Asia. It's not to be even mentioned never mind criticized.

Should anyone have the temerity to commit such a transgression the
PC police will of course respond that "Those things are all in the past. You can't judge or label people today by the actions of their ancestors!"

Unless of course those people happen to be white.

Monday, August 26, 2019

Raising Hypocrisy To A New Level

The left wants us to see their hypocrisy on the China trade issue as a stand alone matter. It is however joined at the hip with their hypocrisy on the issue of reperations and slavery.
The left's naked hypocrisy on the subject on slavery both palpable and disgusting. And no I'm not talking about the Democrats being the party of slavery and Jim Crow. I'm talking about their hypocrisy as regards slavery as it exists today.
While the left spends endless amounts of energy trying to guilt trip white Americans and American history about a dispicable institution that ended here 160+ years ago, they fully ignore that contemporary China operates as a racist, slave labor based fascist economy on a scale expotentially larger than anything that ever existed in the Antebellum South. That the shoes on their feet, the shirts on their backs and the phone in their pocket are the products of that slavery neither bothers or concerns them one iota.

And then they speak out of the other side of their mouths criticizing the President for taking concrete measures to extricate the US from it's economic entanglements with the Chinese slavery economy.
The American people are not as stupid and naive as they and their communist college mentors would have us be. And that is the obstacle in the way of their electoral success.

Saturday, August 3, 2019

A Letter To America's Fools.

In the 19th century as socialism became the latest rage in European politics the was no distinction made between communism and socialism. There were different types or interpretations of socialism but there was little distinction in the terms of their description. Different protagonists had their own preferences but the terms remained interchangeable even in Marx's writings. By 1875 Marx began to refer to what he called lower and higher forms, earlier vs. later forms of his imagined future perfected society. Nowhere however did he differentiate these states as socialism vs. communism.

Under Marx's theory all societies were predestined to progress from feudalism to capitalism to socialism.

In Germany Marx was not the first proponent of "State Socialism". That falls to the likes of Johann Karl Rodbertus who was the first advocate for state control of both production and distribution. This idea was then taken up by Ferdinand Lassale who's work popularized it into what only later became known as "socialism of the German pattern". This German form became distinguished from the Russian form in that it nominally maintained private ownership of production and markets etc.

This private ownership was at best superficial as the system had was built on economic intervention and control over the entrepreneurial functions of the property owners. Businesses could not speculate as to future conditions so as to best allocate their resources in ways they felt would maximize profits. 

This was no different than in the Soviet Union. All speculation, resource allocation  and economic calculation is done by the state.  

In Germany shop or business owners were called "Betriebsfüher". The state tells these "owners" what they are to produce, how to produce it, at what prices and from whom they can purchase and at what prices and who they can sell to. The state controlled what wages must be paid and with whom they may deposit their profits and operating funds.

Any market exchange was a fraud. All prices, wages and interest rates were fixed by state authority.   

They were in fact only quantitative terms used as part of state determinations of  each citizen’s income, consumption and standard of living. 

The state, not the consumers or market forces, directs production. The "Central Board of Production Management" was in complete control. Citizens and owners alike were nothing more than civil servants. This was socialism with the outward appearance of capitalism. Some of the terms of a market economy were retained, but their actual functionality was entirely different from what they mean in an real market economy.  

It was the Soviets that played the leading role in creating the myth of Nazi Germany as a capitalist state. The Nazis weren't trying to hide the socialist methods or system. They were simply implementing it according to a different pattern than the Soviets

The Russians began early on, even before the revolution to  redefine the meanings of socialism and communism to better fit their own political agenda and to allow then to lable the German form as end stage capitalism.  

By naming his new party Communist Lenin was able to distinguish his Bolsheviks from rival socialist formations. The two terms were still used interchangeably but this became Lenin's way of saying that his party and only his party was the "true socialist" one.  Still it was not until 1928 under Stalin that the Communist International began to publicly draw distinctions between both communism and socialism and between communist and socialist. 

The new Stalinist interpretation of Marxism declared that  there was another stage between capitalism and communism. That stage was socialism and that was the stage that the Soviet Union was in. This was what Stalin called "Socialism in a single state." That this verbage is semantically indistinguishable from Hitler's "National Socialism" seems lost on those, including the communists, who insist that the Nazis weren't socialists. 

Marx's original distinction between early and late stage communism went into the ash heap.  Where previously the late stage could only be achieved by humans "evolving beyond class consciousness", under Stalin's new interpretation "true communism" could only be achieved by global conquest. Any state standing against it was defined as fascist and an impediment to this "true communism." Out of this grew the conflict between the German and Russian patterns of socialism, i.e. World War II and the cold war that followed.  

By this new interpretation the Soviet Union  only itself was socialist but the party was Communist because they were the enlightened ones working for the ultimate goal of communism; global domination.  

Thusly when the German Panzer began to roll across the Russian steepe. The Stalinists used this new paradigm to declare German socialism, which had never been Marxist, to redefine it as capitalism in spite of the fact that both it and Marxist interpretations had grown out of the same origins.   

Accordingly the Nazis were, as previously stated, in late stage capitalism. 

At this time much of the so-called intelligentsia in the west was very much enamored with both Stalin and the Soviet Union. For them this new narrative became a most convenient and welcomed lie. That this new paradigm wasn't based in any economic pattern but rather a political interpretation was for them of no consequence. The Nazi were now "capitalists" simply because they didn't fit into the Soviet/Marxist (Stalinist) world view. 

This became the "big lie", well one of them at least, of the post World War II era. That it still persists today is part and parcel of the tragedy of present day political conflict. 

For that I blame both the dominance of communists on college campuses and the failure of both globalism in  general and Bush 41 to hold the communists and communism to account for 70+ years of crimes against humanity that stacked the bodies of it's victims in piles exponentially higher than the Nazis ever did.  

So get your head out of your nether regions and have the courage to question the orthodoxy you have been fed by communists and fools.

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Something Different From The Workshop

We suffered a serious wind storm a couple of years ago. We lost a big Ash tree and a neighbor lost a Bradford Pear tree. This afforded me the opportunity to build a sizeable wood pile that we have gotten two winter's of fires out of.

A while back I broke the handle on a small tack hammer and rather than trying to find a new handle or buy a new hammer I went to the wood pile to find a piece of ash to fashion a new one.

One of the pieces I picked turned out to be from the pear tree. Once I began cutting it down on the table saw I found the grain to be very tight, fine and dense.

Maybe not appropriate for hammer handles but I sooner came up with an idea. A hand made chessboard!

I carefully cut some 80 pieces knowing that not all of them will be suitable for use. I was correct as many of them warped and cracked as they dried further.

I carefully sorted and numbered the remaining pieces and arranged them in alternating grain directions.

I then seperated out every other piece for staining.

Once the stain dried I rearranged the pieces and glued them in place to a piece hard board.

This was then lightly sanded, a little touch up staining done and then finished with multiple coats of laquer. The hammer in the background is the one that got the new ash handle, French laquer and a fresh coat of paint on the head.

I wasn't quite satisfied with this look so I fashioned some edging pieces from the same pear wood and added a few more coats of laquer.

The chess set itself belonged to my late brother and dates to about 1950. Both the board and set now comfortably reside in a corner of my library.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Is 2024 As Important 2020?

This is perhaps rambling and longer than originally intended. But it is what it is.
Trump is proving himself the master. Having been elected largely on the issue of illegal immigration and then finding himself first obstructed by the filibuster rules in the Senate and now the deranged leftists in the House he was left with not options but to innovate within the powers of the Presidency. Having obtained what is at lest a PR victory in with his tariff gambit he can pivot to confronting the other prong of the opposition. The Chamber of Commerce and its affiliated interests have long been both over and under the table advocates for cheap labor which means illegal immigration. By training his sites business lobbyists he strengthens his position with large segments of industrial labor as well as small business owners.
Next I would wager he is going to going to ratchet up on silicon valley, not just on the censorship aspect but go straight to trust busting, put on the mantle of Teddy Roosevelt, bully pulpit, fighting for the little guy, frontal assault.
Should he succeed in reining in the CofC in any significant way and start putting big techs feet to the fire while the economy continues to remain strong the Democrats hard left turn pipe dreams are going to burn out like a wad of flash paper. Not just in the Presidential race but in the Congress as well.
This isn't even considering the repercussions of the ongoing struggle between the increasingly desperate and delusional impeachment wing and what little remains of pragmatism in the Democrat party. Not to mention the increasing paranoia being induced and the potentially party shattering results that may come out of AG Barr's and his defacto Special Prosecutor Durham's investigations.
One might want to consider just which elements of the Democrat party survive and as what and which ones will disappear perhaps forever. Are there forces at work determined to do away with the Clintons and any remaining vestiges of the boomer generation and along with with them any capitalist/competition based perspective in economic policy? Anyone who doesn't think that George Soros isn't applying his money and influence to that end isn't paying attention.
Joe Biden, the man destined to be the period at the end of the chapter of the boomers. All his leftward turnings not withstanding. Bernie is also playing out his swan song but he too has a destiny to fulfil. That of the torch bearer keeping the flame alive for the naked, out of the closet, commnists to follow. We see them on display already. The left is playing the long game.
The Trump Republicans I fear are not. 2020 is of course important as well as what can be accomplished in the ensuing four years. But then what of 2024? Will a continuation of Trump's take no prisoners, confrontational style be what will be required, not just to win an election but move the agenda of American renewal forward? I think it will be but I don't really see who will or can do that.
The communists will be in firm control of the Democrat party by then and they will hold on to it with a death grip. The tactics of disruption, obfuscation, personal vilification and lies without shame or apology will only intensify. They have openly rejected god and any semblance of a moral compass. For them the ends of seizing power and control justify any means. And history has always, always, always shown that this can come to no good end.
It's going to take a man of exceptional will and fortitude to confront them beyond the Trump presidency. The globalist RINOs resent Trump as much as the globalist Democrats and they are far more dangerous as they will stab anyone not in their club squarely in the back without hesitation. The would be John McCain, Willard the rat Romney will be the first in line.
Teddy Roosevelt regretted his choice of Taft to succeed him. It's going to take a man of exceptional character and skill to step out of Trump's shadow, and preserve and move his legacy forward while at the same time fending off the leftist onslaught. Trump and his circle must be paving the path for 2024 not just victory in 2020.