Thursday, October 10, 2019

Biting Off More Than they Can Chew

I think Nancy and , company have painted them selves into a corner and they know it. They never expected the President to release the transcript of the conversation with the newly elected President of Ukraine. A man who by the way ran and won on a platform of combating that countries rampant corruption.

Pelosi et al thought that they could endlessly spin the third hand hear say accusations of someone, who is now exposed as nothing more than a Democrat operative, into political gold. But what they have done is prove once more that Democrats never stop to consider the possibility of unforseen consequences or the actions of a unpredictable President before acting precipitously.

Clearly they learned nothing from the Mueller report disaster. Clearly they still haven't figured out that Donald Trump is not some RINO weakling (can you hear me Mittens?) who will roll over in the face of adversity. He himself stated right to there faces, "Frankly I thrive on it."

As it become increasingly apparent  that there is no there there as to to the claims of blackmailing the new Ukrainian President they have little choice but to once again retreat to that other failed tactic of accusing the President of obstruction. Never once did they stop and ask themselves, if this failed with the Mueller investigation and it failed with the Kavanaugh nomination why would we think it will succeed with this even flimsier tissue of lies?

Never did they stop to think about the fact it is Hillary, Biden and the DNC that is up to their waist in the muck of Ukrainian corruption or that the President's team has already figured that out and is going to shovel it down their throats.

Now that Trump has called their bluff and exposed their extra-constitutional coup for what it is they are realizing that that isn't a light at the end of the tunnel but rather a freight train headed straight for them and they have not the slightest prayer of getting out of the way.

Did they really think that they could blatantly lie and abandon all established procedures and precedents just because of their bloodlust hatred of Trump and get away with it? Do they really think that this circus will derail the Horowitz report or Durham's investigation? Do they really think the American people will just walk away and let them use this fraud as a means to shred the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and install a naked communist in the White House without any repercussions?

Yes there are more than plenty of naive ignorant fools in the American electorate who put their emotions above the law and facts but there are also plenty of Americans who are well versed in those documents and our history and if put in a position where they no longer have anything left to lose they will  not just go away and say "Oh well, we'll try again in 2024."

The 80 year crisis cycle is coming due and these fools think they can control it. WE THE PEOPLE are more than weary of government for the governing at the expense of the rights of the governed. Whatever the outcome of the pending crisis it is going to get ugly between now and is resolution.

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Hunting For Something To Be Outraged About

Johnny Depp's foray into selling cologne (at $150.00 an oz,) has crashed and burned before even getting off the ground. It was straffed and destroyed by the PC police just as it was rolled on to the runway for take off.

The crime? That it used fanciful images of native Americans and a name of "Sauvage". Such linking of the two is strictly forbidden by the new Puritans. Our self appointed guardians of language and the protected classes. Historical reality be damned, they don't like it, so it must be destroyed. There will be no discussion allowed.

So what's the problem? The native American populations were for the most part savages by any standards you want to choose be they 16th century or 21st century.

For a great many native tribes one of the primary aspects of their warfare, both amongst each other and against European settlers, was kidnapping for the purposes of rape and slavery.

But by the corrupt, short sighted standards of "white culture must be destroyed" such activities are only to be considered criminal if and when they are committed by white people against a protected class.

Having been so designated as a victim class and thus protected, apparently conveys a get out of jail free card for any and all past crimes.  A free pass that no white may possess, no matter how virtuous, simply because of the color of their skin.

But let's not even dare to explore that other and not infrequent practice of our sacred protected peoples, human sacrifice occasioned with a bit of cannibalism. After all that was just a "cultural thing" right? Kind of like raping young boys and marrying prepubescent girls to old men is in much of Muslim central Asia. It's not to be even mentioned never mind criticized.

Should anyone have the temerity to commit such a transgression the
PC police will of course respond that "Those things are all in the past. You can't judge or label people today by the actions of their ancestors!"

Unless of course those people happen to be white.

Monday, August 26, 2019

Raising Hypocrisy To A New Level

The left wants us to see their hypocrisy on the China trade issue as a stand alone matter. It is however joined at the hip with their hypocrisy on the issue of reperations and slavery.
The left's naked hypocrisy on the subject on slavery both palpable and disgusting. And no I'm not talking about the Democrats being the party of slavery and Jim Crow. I'm talking about their hypocrisy as regards slavery as it exists today.
While the left spends endless amounts of energy trying to guilt trip white Americans and American history about a dispicable institution that ended here 160+ years ago, they fully ignore that contemporary China operates as a racist, slave labor based fascist economy on a scale expotentially larger than anything that ever existed in the Antebellum South. That the shoes on their feet, the shirts on their backs and the phone in their pocket are the products of that slavery neither bothers or concerns them one iota.

And then they speak out of the other side of their mouths criticizing the President for taking concrete measures to extricate the US from it's economic entanglements with the Chinese slavery economy.
The American people are not as stupid and naive as they and their communist college mentors would have us be. And that is the obstacle in the way of their electoral success.

Saturday, August 3, 2019

A Letter To America's Fools.

In the 19th century as socialism became the latest rage in European politics the was no distinction made between communism and socialism. There were different types or interpretations of socialism but there was little distinction in the terms of their description. Different protagonists had their own preferences but the terms remained interchangeable even in Marx's writings. By 1875 Marx began to refer to what he called lower and higher forms, earlier vs. later forms of his imagined future perfected society. Nowhere however did he differentiate these states as socialism vs. communism.

Under Marx's theory all societies were predestined to progress from feudalism to capitalism to socialism.

In Germany Marx was not the first proponent of "State Socialism". That falls to the likes of Johann Karl Rodbertus who was the first advocate for state control of both production and distribution. This idea was then taken up by Ferdinand Lassale who's work popularized it into what only later became known as "socialism of the German pattern". This German form became distinguished from the Russian form in that it nominally maintained private ownership of production and markets etc.

This private ownership was at best superficial as the system had was built on economic intervention and control over the entrepreneurial functions of the property owners. Businesses could not speculate as to future conditions so as to best allocate their resources in ways they felt would maximize profits. 

This was no different than in the Soviet Union. All speculation, resource allocation  donand iseconomic calculstion is done by the state.  

In Germany shop or business owners were called "Betriebsfüher". The state tells these "owners" what they are to produce, how to produce it, at what prices and from whom they can purchase and at what prices and who they can sell to. The state controlled what wages must be paid and with whom they may deposit their profits and operating funds.  . 

Any market exchange was a fraud. All prices, wages and interest rates were fixed by state authority.   

They were in fact only quantitative terms used as part of state determinations of  each citizen’s income, consumption and standard of living. 

The state, not the consumers or market forces, directs production. The "Central Board of Production Management" was in complete control. Citizens and owners alike were nothing more than civil servants. This was socialism with the outward appearance of capitalism. Some of the terms of a market economy were retained, but their actual functionality was entirely different from what they mean in an real market economy.  

It was the Soviets that played the leading role in creating the myth of Nazi Germany as a capitalist state. The Nazis weren't trying to hide the socialist methods or system. They were simply implementing it according to a different pattern than the Soviets

The Russians began early on, even before the revolution to  redefine the meanings of socialism and communism to better fit their own political agenda and to allow then to lable the German form as end stage capitalism.  

By naming his new party Communist Lenin was able to distinguish his Bolsheviks from rival socialist formations. The two terms were still used interchangeably but this became Lenin's way of saying that his party and only his party was the "true socialist" one.  Still it was not until 1928 under Stalin that the Communist International began to publicly draw distinctions between both communism and socialism and between communist and socialist. 

The new Stalinist interpretation of Marxism declared that  there was another stage between capitalism and communism. That stage was socialism and that was that was the stage that the Soviet Union was in. This was what Stalin called "Socialism in a single state." That this verbage is semantically indistinguishable from Hitler's "National Socialism" seems lost on those, including the communists, who insist that the Nazis weren't socialists. 

Marx's original distinction between early and late stage communism went into the ash heap.  Where previously the late stage could only be achieved by humans "evolving beyond class consciousness", under Stalin's new interpretation "true communism" could only be achieved by global conquest. Any state standing against it was defined as fascist and an impediment to this "true communism." Out of this grew the conflict between the German and Russian patterns of socialism, i.e. World War II and the cold war that followed.  

By this new interpretation the Soviet Union  only itself was socialist but the party was Communist because they were the enlightened ones working for the ultimate goal of communism; global domination.  

Thusly when the German Panzer began to roll across the Russian steepe. The Stalinist used this new paradigm to declare German socialism, which had never been Marxist, to redefine it as capitalism in spite of the fact that both it and Marxist interpretations had grown out of the same origins.   

Accordingly the Nazis were, as previously stated, in late stage capitalism. 

At this time much of the so-called intelligentsia in the west was very much enamored with both Stalin and the Soviet Union. For them this new narrative became a most convenient and welcomed lie. That this new paradigm wasn't based in any economic pattern but rather a political interpretation was for them of no consequence. The Nazi were now "capitalists" simply because they didn't fit into the Soviet/Marxist (Stalinist) world view. 

This became the "big lie", well one of them at least, of the post World War II era. That it still persists today is part and parcel of the tragedy of present day political conflict. 

For that I blame both the dominance of communists on college campuses and the failure of both globalism in  general and Busha 41 to hold the communists and communism to account for 70+ years of crimes against humanity that stacked the bodies of it's victims in piles exponentially higher than than the Nazis ever did.  

So get your head out of your nether regions and have the courage to question the orthodoxy you have been fed by communists and fools.

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Something Different From The Workshop

We suffered a serious wind storm a couple of years ago. We lost a big Ash tree and a neighbor lost a Bradford Pear tree. This afforded me the opportunity to build a sizeable wood pile that we have gotten two winter's of fires out of.

A while back I broke the handle on a small tack hammer and rather than trying to find a new handle or buy a new hammer I went to the wood pile to find a piece of ash to fashion a new one.

One of the pieces I picked turned out to be from the pear tree. Once I began cutting it down on the table saw I found the grain to be very tight, fine and dense.

Maybe not appropriate for hammer handles but I sooner came up with an idea. A hand made chessboard!

I carefully cut some 80 pieces knowing that not all of them will be suitable for use. I was correct as many of them warped and cracked as they dried further.

I carefully sorted and numbered the remaining pieces and arranged them in alternating grain directions.

I then seperated out every other piece for staining.

Once the stain dried I rearranged the pieces and glued them in place to a piece hard board.

This was then lightly sanded, a little touch up staining done and then finished with multiple coats of laquer.

I wasn't quite satisfied with this look so I fashioned some edging pieces from the same pear wood and added a few more coats of laquer.

The chess set itself belonged to my late brother and dates to about 1950. Both the board and set now comfortably reside in a corner of my library.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Is 2024 As Important 2020?

This is perhaps rambling and longer than originally intended. But it is what it is.
Trump is proving himself the master. Having been elected largely on the issue of illegal immigration and then finding himself first obstructed by the filibuster rules in the Senate and now the deranged leftists in the House he was left with not options but to innovate within the powers of the Presidency. Having obtained what is at lest a PR victory in with his tariff gambit he can pivot to confronting the other prong of the opposition. The Chamber of Commerce and its affiliated interests have long been both over and under the table advocates for cheap labor which means illegal immigration. By training his sites business lobbyists he strengthens his position with large segments of industrial labor as well as small business owners.
Next I would wager he is going to going to ratchet up on silicon valley, not just on the censorship aspect but go straight to trust busting, put on the mantle of Teddy Roosevelt, bully pulpit, fighting for the little guy, frontal assault.
Should he succeed in reining in the CofC in any significant way and start putting big techs feet to the fire while the economy continues to remain strong the Democrats hard left turn pipe dreams are going to burn out like a wad of flash paper. Not just in the Presidential race but in the Congress as well.
This isn't even considering the repercussions of the ongoing struggle between the increasingly desperate and delusional impeachment wing and what little remains of pragmatism in the Democrat party. Not to mention the increasing paranoia being induced and the potentially party shattering results that may come out of AG Barr's and his defacto Special Prosecutor Durham's investigations.
One might want to consider just which elements of the Democrat party survive and as what and which ones will disappear perhaps forever. Are there forces at work determined to do away with the Clintons and any remaining vestiges of the boomer generation and along with with them any capitalist/competition based perspective in economic policy? Anyone who doesn't think that George Soros isn't applying his money and influence to that end isn't paying attention.
Joe Biden, the man destined to be the period at the end of the chapter of the boomers. All his leftward turnings not withstanding. Bernie is also playing out his swan song but he too has a destiny to fulfil. That of the torch bearer keeping the flame alive for the naked, out of the closet, commnists to follow. We see them on display already. The left is playing the long game.
The Trump Republicans I fear are not. 2020 is of course important as well as what can be accomplished in the ensuing four years. But then what of 2024? Will a continuation of Trump's take no prisoners, confrontational style be what will be required, not just to win an election but move the agenda of American renewal forward? I think it will be but I don't really see who will or can do that.
The communists will be in firm control of the Democrat party by then and they will hold on to it with a death grip. The tactics of disruption, obfuscation, personal vilification and lies without shame or apology will only intensify. They have openly rejected god and any semblance of a moral compass. For them the ends of seizing power and control justify any means. And history has always, always, always shown that this can come to no good end.
It's going to take a man of exceptional will and fortitude to confront them beyond the Trump presidency. The globalist RINOs resent Trump as much as the globalist Democrats and they are far more dangerous as they will stab anyone not in their club squarely in the back without hesitation. The would be John McCain, Willard the rat Romney will be the first in line.
Teddy Roosevelt regretted his choice of Taft to succeed him. It's going to take a man of exceptional character and skill to step out of Trump's shadow, and preserve and move his legacy forward while at the same time fending off the leftist onslaught. Trump and his circle must be paving the path for 2024 not just victory in 2020.

Monday, May 20, 2019

The Schadenfreude Is Delicious.

Yes I admit there is a certain element of cruelty to this finding delight in the suffering of others. But we're talking about lying, naive, gullible leftists here.

I'm not the only one I'm sure who bookmarked the YouTube pages of the various media mavin's heads exploding on that delightful evening in November of 2016. I particularly like watching "The Young Turks" repeatedly sputtering "Yes we are better than you" over and over again. I thought watching poor Ben Mankowitz sitting there and calmly reading off the increasing bad numbers for Hillary while the rest of them sank in into alternating dispare and paroxysms of rage was hilarious.

Just imagining  what was happening at the same time in Hillary's hotel suite still brings a smile to my face.

But never did I imagine that it would devolve into the kind of abject denial of reality and fits of hatefulness and profane rage we have seen since then. Never having even entertained the possibility that Hillary would or could lose, the new reality pushed far to many into irrationality. Again fun to watch but at some point it became sad and pathetic.

Unable to accept this inconceivable reality that Hillary had in fact been a terrible candidate who ran an abysmal campaign, they had to find and grasp on to a new, alternate reality. And the bureaucratic state of behind the scenes power brokers was ready to feed them one. An alternate reality that they had been preparing since before the election. Apparently the operatives of bureaucracy we're not as naive as the typical Hillary supporter had been. Thus the soon to be proven infamous "insurance policy" was born.

This alternative reality was based on their being convinced that Robert Mueller and his team of investigators were white knights come to rescue them from their anguish. He was going to "prove" that Trump and his entire family and staff were nothing but Russian agents who schemed and plotted with the Kremlin to steal the election. Trump and Pence were going to be indicted for treason. There were some who so deeply believed this that they thought Nancy Pelosi would become President, appoint Hillary Vice President and then resign so Hillary would become President and the proper order of the universe would be restored!

They openly talked about this delusional fantasy. We heard everything from "The walls are closing in on Trump," to "This is the beginning of the end of the Trump Presidency" to "Trump is going to prison" etc. etc. etc. I needn't repeat any more. We all heard them every night, all night for nearly two years.

But then the rumors started that the Mueller report was going to be "disappointing" at best. Well more like catastrophic for the leftists hopes and dreams. Vindicating for the President and his family. What we got rather than any sign of relief that our President was not in league with a hostile adversary was a new stream of vituperation and hate. This time directed at Mueller himself. Everything from "he was bought off" to Mueller was in league with the President all along". The childish wailing, gnashing of teeth, and cognitive dissonance that we became witness to has made that of Nov. 2016 look like a minor temper tantrum.

Robbed of their fantasies of "collusion" the left now clings to a single phrase in the report, "obstructive acts," like a drowning man in a deflating raft in the middle of an Atlantic hurricane. The nuances of actual law and what happened in the background before Mueller issued his report are the very last thing the left wants to discuss.

So enough of the background that brought us to this state of affairs. As amusing as their thrashing about is and as much I enjoy my schadenfreude at their distress, let's be charitable here and explain a few facts for them. As for the first chapter of the report dealing with collusion, cooperation, conspiricy or what ever the left chooses to call it, it is a dead letter. The report makes that unequivocally clear. Now what it opens the door to as far as Barr's own investigations will be another chapter of irrational delusions. But more on that later.

As previously stated "obstructive acts" are the new watch word for the left. So let's help them out on that account as well. Firstly nowhere in the US Criminal Code (USCC) is the term "obstructive acts" defined as criminal. Secondly those sections of the USCC dealing with Obstruction of Justice apply only to actual judicial proceedings. The problem the left has in this regard is that the Supreme Court has ruled previously that an investigation is not a judicial proceeding wherein both sides are allowed to present or even decline to present evidence supporting their position.

In spite of all the left's dreams of obstruction charges and even a lengthy discussion of 18 U.S.C. § 1512(c)(2) in the last pages of section two of the report it does not make any specific charges of obstruction against anyone and specifically states that that decision is to be left to the AG. As 18 U.S.C. § 1512(c)(2) is extremely broad and vague in it structure as regards "possible pending procedures" as to allow even legal acts defined as being under presidential authority in the Constitution, to be considered as obstruction. This, and no doubt some solicitation by Trump's own legal team, led to Barr's initial 19 page memorandum on his own interpretation of 18 U.S.C. § 1512(c)(2) that was sent to Rosenstein rather than Mueller. Rosenstein and Mueller were of course free to dismiss Barr's interpretation of 18 U.S.C. § 1512(c)(2) and they did. But when the election was over and Sessions was fired and Barr nominated and confirmed as the new AG the jig was up so to speak. The final decision on how 
18 U.S.C. § 1512(c)(2) was to be interpreted and could or could not be used to press charges was now solely in Barr's hands. Mueller and his team were checkmated even before their report was compiled.

Weissmann resigned and headed for the hills and within six weeks of Barr's confirmation Mueller filed his report with AG Barr and closed the investigation. He was now officially out of work. When Barr released his initial summation letter a new round of cognitive dissonance set in. In short order it was realised that after two years of deification of Mueller, trying to cast him in a new role of traitor to the cause wasn't going to fly with their base or the public. With Mueller essentially out of the picture and Trump, his family and staff exonerated by the report, Barr, by default, became the next and only available target.

So now we have the next round of hate filled rage, induced by nothing more than the Democrats not getting what they had told everyone who could hear them, they were sure Mueller would find. Suddenly with but the single act of appointing Barr as AG, Trump has not just closed out the investigation and turned the tables on the Democrats but kicked open the hornet's nest. With Barr saying that there was spying and he was going to find out if it was properly predicated and if established protocols and proceedures were followed he has struck fear into the hearts (as small as they are) of not just Comey, Brennan, Clapper and their minions who set this coup attempt in motion but also into the center mass of the Democrat establishment.

Ladle up another big helping of schadenfreude!   With the Horowitz and Huber reports on the immediate horizon and now what is in essence a special prosecutor appointed in the person of Durham, the shadow of Leavenworth Prison is reaching out in their direction of the plotters as well. As there is "no honor among thieves" we are already seeing infighting between Comey and Brennan as to which of them was responsible for foisting the bogus Steele dossier into intelligence assessiments and eventually the FISA Court warrant applications. That this argument has broken out into public view amounts to an admission that they all knew it was a Clinton/DNC paid for opposition research document and not a "verified" intelligence assessment to begin with. Now I think we can add a ladle of "you can't fix stupid" sauce to that plate of schadenfreude.

The evidence supporting the President's long held contentions that his campaign was illegally spied upon and that the Mueller investigation was a witch hunt is accumulating at an increasing rate. As it does and this evidence becomes undeniable, even by the leftist lap dog media, someone in the Democrat elected establishment is going to put their self-preservation over and above their hatred of Trump and that is going to require some previously iconic and unassailable individuals go under the wheels of the bus. Then the question will be, will they be able to control, not just the bleeding, but public outrage and the losses at ballot box or will it turn into a fatal exsanguination. Either way popcorn sales are going to go through the roof.

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Cognitive Dissonance at The Hill

  • No worries. Once Trump is out of office that treasonous POS who continues to defile our nation’s White House on a daily basis will be indicted, tried, convicted, and sentenced into a federal penitentiary for the remainder of his miserable existence. Mark these words.
    From a veteran.

      • Avatar

        SO go ahead and lay out that case for treason Bufford.

          • Avatar

            Read the Mueller Report in its entirety and pull yourself out of your pit of ignorance and cowardice.

              • Avatar

                Maybe you should, seeing as it states that there is nothing PROSECUTABLE either now or after he is out of office. But of course you don't care about facts, only your butthurt emotions. Come on genius show us where Mueller's report cites a single chapter of the US code as relates to either collusion/conspiricy or obstruction of justice that was violated by the President, any of his family members, or their campaign or personal staffs.
                Oh wait you can't because it doesn't. Thank you for your service but enough of the "from a veteran" crap. That loans nothing to the value of your OPINION. In fact I would say it detracts from it because you are so demonstrably wrong.

                  • Avatar

                    Penning as someone who attended law school I will state with complete authority that you have not a clue as to what you spew.

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                        Attended and apparently failed miserably. Any criminal charging document, regardless of the level of government, MUST include by law a citation of the chapter of the criminal code that it alleges to have been violated. Read the report law school dropout. There is not a single charge made or any chapter of the US Code cited as having been violated. "Obstructive acts" is not a legal term no matter how much your clearly limited intellect wishes it were. 
                        Try again dropout.

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                            Mindless prattle.

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                                So prove me wrong you "wish I was a lawyer but couldn't cut it" pathetic dropout.
                                Oh wait you can't. Why? Because you're a stupid loser who stuck his neck out with "I attended law school" and got your head chopped off. Do yourself a favor, spare yourself any further humiliation and just STFU and go away!

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                                    Little insignificant man, would you care/dare to compare and contrast our respective resumes? POST IT, you uneducated intellectual lightweight!

                                      • Avatar

                                        Nice try at deflection there dropout. I don't give a crap about your resume. What I do want to point out is that you are either ignorant or deceitful. Prove me wrong a hole. 
                                        Get a clue loser the US Code on obstruction of justice ONLY applies to interference in legal proceedings. The SCOTUS has previously ruled that an investigation IS NOT A LEGAL PROCEEDING.
                                        Show me how me how formal charges can be filed in any jurisdiction in the US without citing the law by code and number that is alleged to have been violated. The police can't even give you a speeding ticket without citing a specific code number.
                                        Now show me where in Mueller's report he cites any law in the US code by number relating to collusion/conspiricy or obstruction of justice that he alleges to have been violated by anyone never mind the President.
                                        YOU WON'T, BECAUSE YOU CAN'T, BECAUSE THEY DON'T EXIST. Kind of like you legal training.
                                        So take your resume in butthurt, slather it with Preparation H and stick it where it might do you some good. You have been owned. Now go away, sit down and STFU!

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                                            Not on the best day of your pathetic existence, snowflake.
                                            I called your bluff and your big mouth. And just as I anticipated, you folded like a gutless, spineless coward.
                                            Now I’ll ask again, you intellectual lightweight. At which law school did you (never) matriculate?
                                            I’d wager $10,000 that you never earned anything more than a meager HS diploma due to (a) obviously limited intellect, and (b) your lifetime of sloth and laziness.
                                            Own it, you candy derrièred punk who is not fit to shine my shoes.

                                              • FVS

                                                I'm not the one hiding my profile. Gee, some people might day that's a sign of insecurity and cowardice!
                                                Other would just call it garden variety hypocrisy.
                                                Me, I'd say it's both!
                                                Still waiting for you to answer those really simple questions there Mr. GeeIWishIwasalawyer.


                                                Firstly, I never claimed to have a JD or to have even attended any law school.
                                                Secondly, I don't see how anybodys resumé has anything to do with easily discernible facts. Hint: it doesn't take a JD to read or understand the English language.
                                                Thirdly, Neither does it take a genius to see that you are avoiding the questions posed. Why? Because you can't answer them in a way that supports your position. 
                                                Fourthly, If you could you would but you can't so you resort to deflection and trying to change the subject.
                                                Trouble you have is that you are not the first deceitful, lying, leftist fool I have had try this. Stick to the subject at hand a hole. Oh wait you can't because simple easily observable facts (how things really are) conflicts with how you want them to be.
                                                This is what is known as cognitive dissonance. And I'm sure it causes you a certain degree of mental anguish and confusion.
                                                My reaction to that? GOOD! You've earned it. I hope it's painful and keeps you awake at night. The thought that it might makes me smile.
                                                Oh and one more thing. If you are so damn smart and confident in your positions/opinions why is your profile private? Are you afraid of being held accountable for your fraud, deceit and lies?
                                                Go away fool. You have nothing. Kind of like the Mueller report!