Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Crocodile Tears In The East Room.

While Obama cries phony tears over Newtown CT, that number of bodies stacks up EVERY WEEK in Chicago. When you add in the numbers from St. Louis, Detroit, DC, Oakland, Philadelphia etc., etc., etc., the Newtown number fades to virtual insignificance. No one with any common sense thinks restricting the rights of law abiding citizens is going to do anything to stem the flow of blood running in the gutters of Chicago or Detroit etc.

This whole initiative has one purpose and one purpose only, well maybe two. Secondarily it serves to prop up Hillary in the short term, but primarily it serves as a very public distraction from the ongoing disasters in Obama Care, the failure of his feckless Middle East policy and the continuing shrinkage of global markets and growing financial instability.

With all the possible events that can and will occur between now and the elections this circus show will soon be forgotten. As it should be.

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