Monday, August 24, 2015

Time For Another Open Letter To The Charlotte Observer

I'm sure I'm not the only conservative reader of The Observer (what few you have left) who eagerly awaits just how you and the rest of the leftist cadre are going to find a way to blame the collapsing global markets on the Republicans or more specifically George Bush.

Lord knows I'm no fan of the Congressional RINOs or the Bush clan but it was Obama and the Democrats who have passed a health care bill that has failed miserably and very expensively before it has really even gotten  started.  It has been this same bunch of globalization/new world order fanatics that have nearly doubled the national debt in less than 7 years. What was unsustainable at $9 trillion is even more unsustainable at nearly $19 trillion.

Come on now just what did the geniuses on the editorial board of The Observer think was going to happen as a result of foisting off the biggest incompetent fool in American history as "the smartest man in the room"? And you sit there and wonder why Donald Trump becomes more unassailable every day. I guess the public, looking around and seeing their society collapsing before their eyes, knows who to blame. Here's some more news for you, Charlotte's relative insulation as a banking center is going to prove to be a very thin cloke to hide behind.

Falling gas prices will be good for the American commuter right up to the moment they no longer have jobs to commute to. Do you think the public will care about the Washington's and Hollywood's propaganda when there local grocery store looks like one in Venezuela? Just how much food do you think Mexico and central America will ship north as their own population begin to starve? Just how many American dollars will they want as it becomes as worthless as their own?

I'm sure your masters at the New York Times and the Washington Post will come up with some line of propaganda and you will fall right in line and publish every bit of tripe they scribble.  Try as you will the story line that this is a "normal correction" wont fly very far. Just because you don't cover the fact that shipping rates from Asia have fallen by 60% in the last couple of months doesn't mean it didn't happen and wasn't foretelling of this carnage.

To bad for you that nobody is going to believe anything you write. Oh you will have your usual blind, left wing hangers on, and you will publish their letters trying to convince the public, but really mostly yourselves, that this disaster is anybody's fault but the left's.

Your fetid dreams of building a socialist utopia with other peoples money are about to crumble before your very eyes. Margaret Thatcher's words will hauntingly ring in your ears but I doubt you will listen to them even now, as you have never listened to anything but your own council in the past.

I'd bet that you haven't given more than a passing thought to the idea that our nation's enemies are going to use this to our detriment as well. You can't see that Islamic extremism is the 21st century melding of Nazi antisemitic death worship and Japanese Shinto suicidal cultism. But then just add that to the long list of your other glaring failures.

The combination of arrogance and financial collapse leads to degradation and war. Only now our enemies have dirty bombs and suicidal fanaticism.

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