Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Following Up On Volatility As The New Normal.

All during yesterday's market disaster the talking heads and financial pundits were all hoping, speculating, or openly declaring that this was just a "blip", a temporary "correction", that China's economic contraction and currency devaluations would only be peripheral to American markets.

Before going any further please keep in mind that this is the same set of bought and paid for douche bags that have been pushing "globalization" for the last 40+ years.

As the futures markets indicated they would when the markets opened they did indeed go up sharply, reversing much of the previous days losses. This of course engendered all the aforementioned talking heads to enter into a spasam of self congratulation. And then the 3:00 o'clock arrived and DJIA entered into a 500+ point nosedive, wiping out not just the illusory gains of the day, closing down just over 200 points, but leaving more than one pundit ashen looking and grasping to find any words. Quite amusing to watch really.

I can't help but think that these sorry sacks of shit are trying to channel Scarlet O'Hara; "After all, tomorrow is another day".  Well....good luck with that.

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