Monday, August 17, 2015

A Question To Ponder. Rev.1

I came across an interesting quote from George Washington today.

In the period leading up to the Philadelphia convention Washington, although personally convinced of the need to replace the Articles Of Confederation he was not yet sure if such a convention would succeed or if his presence would help the process or damage him if it failed. John Jay was convinced otherwise and in a letter to the General tried to convince him he was the indispensable man.

Washington wrote back to Jay saying that he was still not convinced that the public yet felt that it "had been so misled as to yet desire such a radical change."  Washington of course ment misled as to mean poorly led rather than deceived.

This of course brings us to the current political season and the phenomena of one Donald Trump. Don't mistake me. I don't think Trump could hold a candle to any of the founders. I would however posit the question; has the American public finally "been so misled," in both the senses of the word, as to "desire such a radical change"?

Just a thought, as the old saying goes "all things old are new again!"

Both the Republican and the Dempcret parties still seems to be blind to the fact that Donald Trump is a political phenomenon/monster of their own making. 

The Democrats got themselves swept out of power in Congress because the shoved unwanted tyrannical legislation down the throats of the American people. The Republicans got swept in by promising to do something about it. The Democrats responded by doubling down on their arrogance and basicly relinquished authority to the president to rule by executive fiat. The Republicans responded like a vision of the cowardly lion from the Wizard of Oz, all bluster and noise but no a bit of fortitude to either challenge the president's unconstitutional actions or repeal the hated legislation.

So now we have both parties and their media lapdogs desperately trying to build sandcastles against the rising tide of frustration, anger and resentment of the common man. They just can't grasp that no body is listening to their propaganda anymore. That FOX News and other so-called conservative media has exposed themselves as just as much a tool of the establishment as the alphabet hacks on the left has only served to raise the level of anger and resentment.

Perhaps it best that the establishment remains opposed to Trump's candidacy. Once they start to support him the would try to flood his team with their own hacks not try and further his platform or base of support but to try and subvert and control it. Such corrupt courtiers and sycophants have been around since the dawn of social organization. So far he has proven himself to be his own man. How long that lasts we will have to wait and see.

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