Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Ah To Be That Proverbial Fly On The Wall

One of the latest headlines in the New York Times has Jeb Bush warning Donald Trump about appealing to people's fear and angst.  I'd ask if he was serious in that question but I'm having trouble getting past the vision of the collective board of The Council on Foreign Relations with their hand deep in his backsides manipulating his vocal chords to say such utter foolishness.  Thursday's debate will no doubt be filled with a series of such focus group reaserched meaningless platitudes. All coaxed from similarly manipulated and bought and paid for throats.

That said I'm sure the evening will have some entertaining if no surprising moments.  And not just from the Donald. But I can't help but wonder which of the other nine has been designated as the event's Pit Bull. Armed no doubt with a script of what is to be perceived as their own bombast and whatever distorted and or made up tales of Trump's past as can be made to appear credible or at least conceivable.

Flinging poo like a monkey in a zoo with the hope that at least some of it sticks could prove to be the task at hand for one or more of the nine. The others of course will do their best to be seen as holding Trump at arms length and appearing serious and contemplative, if not empty headed.

Will there be a barely perceptible undercurrent of fear of reprisal at the hands of  Mr. Trump and his, it would appear, well versed, opposition research team? Or will that fear be overcome in a manufactured spasm of phony outrage by one or more hungry barracudas trying to make a name for themselves by feeding on Trump's flesh?

Or.... will Trump himself charge into the ring as the designated bull, but shaking off the spears of the picadors and then unload another broadside at the political class.
Out of deep on right field may well come new and unheard of or even uncontemplated (by the othet candidates or their puppet masters) proposals that will force them aback and into the position of having to come up with something, anything not filtered through the CFR or the boards of JP Morgan or Goldman Sacks or any of the other myriad puppet masters who will no doubt be feeding the microphpnes. Watching pathological liars who don't know what lie to tell might be entertaining if not dangerous. Everyone of them will have that little speaker in their ear with staff feeding them notes.

If Trump plays this right he could come out with both another boost in the polls and another round of vitriol from the MSM talking heads.

Bush is right. Trump has appealed to fear and angst.  The fear and angst that the political class has and will sell them out once again. Any flies on the walls Manhattan board rooms come Friday will be getting an ear full. None of it will have anything to do with actually addressing those fears.

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