Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Choices We Face . . . . . If You Can Call Them That.

Maybe it's just me but each succeeding election cycle seems to get longer and longer.  This coming one, being a Presidential election and with Obama no longer eligible (thank God for such favors) will I'm sure prove torturous in its own way.

Those candidates and potential candidates that have presented themselves, declared or not are as motley a crew as we have ever seen.  I'd say the lack of qualifications and experience, combined with personal and political corruption is appalling, but it's what we have come to expect from our degraded and degrading election process.

That said let's take a look at what we've got: First the so-called "Democrats".

Joe Biden: A drunk, a clown and as intellectually shallow a man as I have ever seen.  He's so vacuous I doubt even a deadlocked Democratic Convention would see him as an alternative.

Martin O'Malley: For most American O'Malley is a political unknown.  A fact I'm sure he's counting on.  For anyone with even a passing familiarity with the political sewer of Baltimore MD shudders at the thought.  For those not so familiar I'd suggest watching reruns of the HBO series "The Wire" and examine the character of Tommy Carcetti.  O'Malley is Carcetti in all his venality. 

Lincoln Chaffee:  Lincoln who? He couldn't ride any farther on the coat tails his father's good name so he changed party and slipped into political oblivion.

That brings us to the "heir apparent," the "presumptive candidate," the "entitled one," (hey let's get the first dose un-PC and "sexist" pejoratives out of the way) Hillary Clinton. 

Where do I start but to say that I don't think our nation has seen a candidate as unaccomplished, unqualified, grasping, power hungry, arrogant and morally corrupt since Aaron Burr.  Her recent stunt of flying coach and carrying her own bags was even more transparently phony than Michelle "where do I vacation next" Obama shopping at Target.  Does she think that makes up for parking her campaign van in a handicapped zone?  Hillary's blood soaked hands are bought and paid for by every elitist power broker between Dubai and Wall Street with the mansions of the Hollywood hills thrown in for good measure.  A vote for Hillary is a vote for national suicide.  Six and a half years of Obama has placed the gun firmly against our temple, Hillary will pull the trigger at the first opportunity.

That so many others from the left side of the aisle (qualified or not) are avoiding the race is a measure of several things.  1. They smell disaster in the wake Obama's overreach, malfeasance, and Chamberlainesque pandering to our nation's enemies and Wall Street's corruption.  2. They recognize the Clinton organization for the vicious, remorseless and vindictive machine that it is and don't want to expose themselves to it's flesh tearing jaws, or 3.  They figure it's just easier to wait out the Clinton's last hurrah, hope four years of anyone else besides Obama will wash at least some of the bad taste out of the voter's mouths and they can in the meantime continue lining their pockets at the taxpayer's expense.

This then brings us to our so-called "Republicans". 

1. Bobby Jindel.  I don't question his sincerity and he no doubt deserves credit for being elected as a man of color in a deep South state.  But again it's a matter of Bobby who?

2. Marco Rubio.  At first glance some may see the Senator from Florida as an appealing candidate.  Personally I think all talk after his Senate race has gone to his head.  When it comes to policy statements he flip-flops more than a lobster just dropped in a pot of boiling water.  I'll pass.

3. Chris Christie.  One word, "weasel".

4. Rand Paul.  Sorry Senator but you listen to your old man too much.  He might be dead right on monetary policy but you're both dead wrong on foreign policy.  I'll look elsewhere.

5. Jeb Bush.  If there is any singular candidate who qualifies as potentially a worse disaster for the Republic than Hillary Clinton would be or Barak Obama has been, it is Jeb Bush.  His father snatched defeat from the jaws of Reagan's victory over the Soviet Union by assuring the Russians that neither the communists nor communism would be held to account for over 70 years of crimes against humanity and who's barbaric toll surpassed even the Nazi's organized slaughter.  The result of such incompetence is a revanchist Russian imperialism with bands of "former" KGB operatives in the drivers seat.  His brother followed up on father's failing to apply the lesson of history by letting the newly constituted governments of Afghanistan and Iraq include Islamic Shria law as basis for their new constitutions.  I can only shudder to think what a third round of Bush style arrogant incompetence would lead to.  I do know for certain it won't be good.  Leopards don't change their spots.

This leaves us with Ted Cruz and Scott Walker.  Cruz has certainly put on the persona of steadfast and traditionalist conservative and this of course will make him target of vicious and merciless attacks from the left's lapdogs in the media.  He will no doubt be labeled as "the right's new Joe McCarthy" or words to that effect.  He would do well to rember that McCarthy was proven right and that it is the left that has "no shame".

Wisconsin's Scott Walked is the candidate that the leftists most loath and fear.  He has proven himself and the temper of his metal. By succeeding in both an attempt to recall him from office and a subsequent reelection he has shown he can withstand the machinations of media, the left and their union lackeies. By breaking organized labor's grip on public service employees and restoring both public and private workers rights to choose wheather or not to join a union he has earned both their undying enmity and deprived both the unions and the Democrats of a big chunk of money.

As of yet I am far from making a choice. There is a lot to be learned about both men and unknow events to unfold before that time comes, but I think you can guess who I'm not supporting.

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  1. Great take on Hillary. Even better one on Christie!


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