Saturday, April 25, 2015

Depression? We Ain't Got No Stinking Deprerssion!

The truth is that we are in a deep recession if not depression now.  Instead of soup kitchens, the WPA and itinerant labor riding the rails from town to town looking for any job they can get, we have massive "Federal assistance" programs. These programs not only pay people not to work, they rob people of any incentive to work.

Integration began not with the factories
of WW II but with equality of starvation
in the soup kitchen lines of the depression.
EBT provides the soup without
the social interaction and so
breeds resentment, isolation and

So what we have then is a MANUFACTURED depression that has created a permanent undereducated underclass that will of course continue to vote for the corrupt system that gives them a subsistence existence in exchange for their votes.

When signs like this become more
common resentment, isolation and
mistrust will explode into violence
But it is human nature for everyone to want more, but the system has little more to give and is running on borrowed time and borrowed money.  This is going to see the Greek scenario played out everywhere.  When that happens and the EBT cards and assistance payments get cut because there is nothing more to give, these poor, manipulated souls will explode in a spasm of violence that will give the government just the excuse they have been seeking to crack down on everyone and everything in the name of "public safety".

Who needs guard towers. In the
desert there is no place to run
and no place to hide.
Welcome to the USSA.  Those who continue to resist will be "invited" for a long stay in a new American Gulag known as Camp FEMA.  The government is closing it's iron fist around the internet.  Soon all traffic will have to go through government portals like in China and Russia and all "news" will be filtered by through "Ministry of Truth".  Our televisions are already listening in on our conversations,.  I wouldn't be surprised if they already had built in cameras watching us as well.  Coming soon, no off button?

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