Monday, August 11, 2014

Ukraine: Obama Doing The Right Thing For The Wrong Reasons

Look I know I am in a small majority on this issue but……  trying to judge this conflict or any conflict or assign motives from within the vacuum of contemporary events is folly.  We would not judge the events in Gaza solely on the basis on what has transpired since Israel withdrew from Gaza and Hamas took control.  So why then judge the events in Ukraine on the sole basis of Obama or John Kerry’s meddling? 

The Ukrainian struggle for freedom from Russian oppression is centuries old and only finally found its fulfillment in the collapse of the Soviet Union. They now see that long sought freedom threatened but 25 years later. They are no more inclined to roll over and play dead for Putin's aggression than were the newly independent Americans in 1812.

To possibly condemn the Ukrainian peoples to the return of Russian oppression simply because the Obama administration is doing the right thing for the wrong reasons would be a disservice to reason, history, the Ukrainian people and human dignity. Think carefully and learn the history before jumping to conclusions based upon distaste for the current occupant of the White House.

As I have said before peoples that have suffered generations of murder and oppression, caught in the middle of their more powerful neighbors geo-political power games and wars don’t often develop or even have the opportunity to develop sophisticated political institutions capable of getting beyond a centuries old cultural hatred.

That does not mean they should be denied the opportunity to develop over time the political sophistication we expect of our own institutions just because our political leadership has abandoned those very qualities and we deeply resent them for it.

I very much doubt Obama and his minions either know or care that supporting Ukrainian independence and territorial integrity is the right thing to do, largely because they are doing it for the wrong reason of trying to promote, extend and maintain the FED’s and the City of London’s financial hegemony over both Ukraine and Russia.




  1. For far to many idiots believing one sides load of horse shit propaganda over the other sides load of horse propaganda is a conditioned response and just oh so much easier than actually do any reaserch that might cause them to think.

  2. True that! I can only assume for some people it must be something akin to pain aversion!


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