Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Republic Is Doomed; And Now The Chaos Begins. Rev.2

I give it two months before the militant homosexuals start filing law suits against individual churches for refusing to conduct their blasphemous weddings. They will do this not because that want to be married in this church or that church. There are plenty of Episcopal Churches that have long since sold out their last vestige moral principles to which they could go. No they will be filing suits as a political instrument to try and destroy the Church and Christianity itself. They do not seek to secure their "rights," they seek to destroy the Church as a political enemy, but they are also a useful instrument for power hungry fascists by which they seek even more power.

This is the same tactic they have used to target bakers, florists, caterers etc. who have no doubt respectfully declined their business. The courts have ruled that freedom of religion and individual moral principle be damned and those businesses and individuals now face bankruptcy of their business if not their persons. State officials have decreed, and courts have upheld them that these people must not even speak of the tyranny that has been unleashed upon them!

I have certain doubts that many in the homosexual community want nothing to do with this and just want to lead their lives and go about their business in peace. These militants represent only a small minority of a small minority and a political cancer,

Justice Scalia is absolutely correct. By these abominable rulings the courts are usurping the most fundamental of freedoms.  The freedom to govern ourselves in our communities. Not only is the issue of States Rights a dead letter but now the very concept of "WE THE PEOPLE" has been eviscerated and usurped with a finality that is both tragic and treasonous.

The republic is doomed. When the courts become instruments in the destruction of Churches and individuals who don't practice "the right kind" of government approved Christianity, or dare speak out against oppression, they have stuck their finger into the eye of God and so much as said they no longer want or need his providence or protection. The decay and corruption that took 400 years to destroy Rome will unfold within but a single generation in America.

The destruction will be accelerated by a generation of imbeciles who graduate from our schools charged with emotion rather than reason, devoid of any knowledge of history or civics, possessed of few if any marketable skills and move into the real world with nothing more than a high opinion of themselves and their worth and not the slightest inkling of what that really means.

Ask them how an economy is supposed to work or what personal responsibility means and you will either get a blank stare or a lecture on how everyone's opinion are equally valid.  Or worse a lecture on how Christians are tyrants for standing on basic moral principle but wholesale murder and destruction by a bunch of 7th century Islamic fanatics is not even on their radar even as it happens in our midst.

Well I've got some news for both the political elites who lord over us like medieval potentates and the generations of brainwashed imbeciles who vote for them. It's not the judgment of other individuals or the church that they need worry about.

One of several possible things are going to happen. 1, the unsustainable structures of global debt are going to collapse of their own weight. 2, the naked fascism of the American left will trigger not just moral indignation but a spasm of violence targeting the institutions of a corrupt government. 3, some Islamic madman is going to get their hands on an A-bomb and either launch it or smuggle it into Israel. 4, some Russian or Chinese or Islamic hacker is going to get into the computers of the EBT system and crash it. If you think the violence in Baltimore this spring over the death of one lowlife drug dealer was bad just try to imagine the reaction to no cheetos and orange soda for a couple of weeks.

1, 2, 3 or 4 or some combination there of and utter chaos will ensue. Our global society of moral and physical weaklings have not the faintest idea of how interdependent and fragile our structures have become. I'm not sure if we have reached the point where removing a single brick will bring down the whole wall yet, but I fear we are close, very close.  The government isn't building FEMA camps and stockpiling plastic coffins for an "exercise". Their doing it because they know but don't want you to know exactly what I'm saying. They know that urban chaos can lead to a breakdown in the food distribution systems and that looting would follow. No truck driver in his right mind will drive into places to face hijacking and murder. You wouldn't, neither will they.

I would beg the Lord above to spare us the consequences of this arrogance and corruption, but I think I know what his answer would be. "The Lord helps those who help themselves." So stack and pack and lock and load. Things are going to get ugly, real ugly. It's no longer a matter of if, but when.  We'd all be well served by prayers for the redemption of our souls and for the intersession of Christ's Second Coming. May the "Armor of God" protect you and yours.

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