Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Deadliest of Political Correctness.

Frankly I am sick and tired of all the hypocrisy and kissing of the backsides of the so-called "good Muslims".  Do they exist?  Yes.  The Mayor of Rotterdam Holland is a great example.  He is that rare example of an assimilated Muslim who identifies himself as a Dutchman first and  foremost.  And a courageous one at that.  By his recent statement admonishing that if any of his co-religionists don't like western and specifically Dutch culture to "please pack your bags and go!" he has put his life on the line for what he believes is right.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who is fed up with seeing some Imams, of no particular influence,  get trotted out on network TV shows to speak out of both sides of their mouths.  Out of one side they condemn the perpetrators of whatever ghastly new attack and claim that they are not really Islamic.  Then out of the other they insist that the victims of this violence must have respect and tolerance for the religion from which the violence grew.  We are being played for fools.

Hamas recruits giving the Nazi Salute.
It's all just so much Taqiyya (lying for the sake of Allah).  As Yasser Arafat once said; "I'm willing to kill for my cause. Do you think I wouldn't lie for it?"

In Islam, the Sunna (from which the Sunni sect draws its name) means "to follow the example of Mohammad".  Well the recent attacks in Paris are a perfect example of Sunna and prove the lie of the Imams claiming that the perpetrators are not Islamic.

Leading up to Mohammad's siege of  Medina and the wholesale slaughter of its residents, a famous Jewish poet of the day, Kab Ashraf, among others, wrote pieces that ridiculed and criticized Muhammad.  These works soon found wide circulation in the towns and villages of Western Arabia. Muhammad's response was to send assassination squads into Medina and other Jewish enclaves to kill anyone who would dare criticize Muhammad and his movement.   Thus we have the roots of the use of terror by Islam in order to frighten critics into silence.  After the assassination of Kab Ashraf a delegation of Jews from Medina was sent to Muhammad to complain of his cruel fate at Muhammed's hands. Muhammad replied: “He hurt us (Allah and his messenger) and insulted us with poetry, and one does not do this among you (Jews and polytheists) but he shall be put to the sword.”

So then the assassination of Theo Van Gogh, the attacks against the Danish cartoonists and now the wanton murders in Paris are nothing more than a contemporary exercise in the practice of the Sunna.  Anyone who denies this or makes feeble excuses for it are fools or simply practicing Taqiyya.

Islam is now and has always been a political/military movement covered with a veneer of "religion".   In form and function it is little different than Japanese Shintoism that manifest in Kamikaze attacks and suicidal Banzai charges. (There is a reason Gen. MacArthur insisted that the post war Japanese constitution specifically excluded Shintoism from having any place in the new government.  A history lesson we forgot when we allowed the new governments of Afghanistan and Iraq to be bases on Sharia.)

Shoulder Patch of
the 13th Waffen SS Division.
Note the Islamic Sword
 Such  Imperial death worship (with Muhammad as titular "emperor"), coupled with violent hatred of the Jews was manifested in the long time residence of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem in Berlin during WWII and in the greatly feared Hansar SS division that was comprised mostly of  Muslims from the Baltic region and some that entered Europe through Syria and unoccupied Vichy France.

The grand Mufti reviewing his troops of the 13th.
Division. Note the traditional Turkish headgear.
The Mufti referred to them as the "Cream of Islam."
The Bush administration had us fighting this determined enemy with one hand behind our back.  The current administration has undertaken to make sure we have both hands tied.

On a more hopeful note, the Jihadists have created a Frankenstein's monster in the lone self directed jihadist.  The uncoordinated and extremely violent attacks like those in France, the gang rapes that have occurred in Sweden and Germany have begun to take their toll of the consciousness of growing numbers in Europe.  The backlash to decades of "tolerance" and the creation of Islamic "no go" zones, that are the breeding grounds of this hatred and violence,  have spawned new movements that will only grow in size and political influence.  We can only hope that their growth is tempered with wisdom as well as political fervor, lest violent retribution become the order of the day as the deteriorating economic situation in Europe piles frustration upon frustration.


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  1. We can only wonder how long it will take before American wakes up and smells the extinction these tbinskinnrd modern day nazis have in store for us before the gloves come of and a.very ugly vigilantism takes root annd takes the boot to the asses of these home grown fanatics. They must be given an optional. Assimilate or ship out to whatever third world they came from on whatever dessert they this feel they can live in. Let them pray yo their Moon god all they want. Just leave him I. His desert waste lands where he belongs.


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