Saturday, January 24, 2015

Russian Agression Expands Again

The Ukrainian coastal city of Mariupol came under artillery attack yesterday from so-called "rebel forces" in eastern Ukraine.  There are conflicting reports on the number of fatal casualties ranging from 10 to 21.

Hands Up!  Don't shoot (back)!
It's only artillery fire.
Given that the rebel leaders have announced their intentions to expand the territory under their control this aggression is not the result of the local population requesting to be "liberated".  Rather it is nothing more than Russian expansionist desire to create a land bridge to connect to the recently annexed Crimea.  Mariupol lies in the center of their path and of course the needs of "Mother Russia" come first and foremost.  But then Russian oligarchs have been paving the pathways of their political policy in south-eastern Europe with dead Ukrainians for over three centuries.  Why should the 21st century prove any different.

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