Saturday, October 4, 2014

Have The Protests Just Disappeared?

Did the highly volatile situation in Hong Kong just dissolve into nothingness overnight?  Or has the news media decided but they need to cooperate with the Communist Chinese covering up what is probably the greatest threat their central control since 1949?

As media access and reporting in mainland China of the hundreds of thousands of Hong Kong residents demanding an end of Beijing's interference with their democratic process is all but nonexistent the powers that be on the Central Committee are clearly worried that it wouldn't take much of a provocation for demands for more open democracy to spread to other urban centers.

That of course is the natural outgrowth of even state controlled economic liberalization; even with limited "trickle down" prosperity comes the desire and eventually demand for more economic and political selfdetermination.

Even more critically the spread of any such demands and unrest (which even Beijing knows has been simmering just under the surface for years) could and would threaten their reemerging power axis with the new oligarchs in Moscow.

The last the either Beijing or Moscow wants is their new potential for global hegemony interfered with by a bunch of peasants demanding human rights.

So the question becomes; will Beijing crackdown in Hong Kong like they did in Tienamin Square and face global condemnation or will they compromise and lose face and hope to contain the spread of self determination to Hong Kong?

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