Saturday, October 4, 2014

Apparently The Time Has Come . . . . . .

With the Ebola case in Dallas and the acknowledged bungling of how the patient and his relatives were handled not to mention how contagious vomit was aerosoled with a pressure washer (potentially  exposing hundreds) the time has come to reiterate some questions I asked back in July and add a few more.  No one in government or the media want to answer them never mind admit they exist.

1. What is the incubation period?  How long between initial exposure and the first presentation of symptoms?

2.  At what point after exposure does an individual become contagious?  Does an infected individual become contagious before the onset of symptoms?

3.  How long does the virus remain viable and infectious on environmental surfaces?  Hours? Days? Weeks?

Unless and until the CDC tells us either some answers or at least admits they don't have any answers we have to conclude that the CDC and the Obama administration regard this as a public relations issue that needs to be "contained" and not a serious public health issue.  So far they seem more concerned with containing any panic than they are with containing the disease. 

Politics trumps public safety right up until the moment that it becomes the long sought excuse for declaring martial law and any semblance of civil liberties and the Bill of Rights disappear as in a bad dystopian sci-fi movie. 

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