Tuesday, March 26, 2019

The Collusion Delusion, When Will It End? Not Anytime Soon.

If there is any lesson from the last two years of innuendo, speculation, baseless accusations and seemingly endless investigations it is that the left, incapable of excepting the simple reality that Hillary could or did lose the election and consumed by hatred, invented a countervailing reality that Hillary lost because Trump cheated and his entire family and election campaign was, is a vast criminal conspiracy.

The fact that both the House and Senate Intelligence Committees, after conducting their own investigations, found no evidence of collusion between either Trump or his campaign and any Russians in furtherance of manipulating the election results, was quickly and repeatedly dismissed if it was covered at all. The only acceptable mantra became that we must "wait for Mueller to complete his investigation".

But now with the completion of the Special Council's investigation and the release of Attorney General Barr's preliminary summation, which includes extensive quotations from the report, that countravailing reality is unraveling faster than a ball of yarn in a box full of kittens. Now caught, if not trapped, by another reality, another set of unintended consequences they never thought was possible, there is no new countervailing or preinvented reality to fall back on in spite of several weeks of warnings that the report would be disappointing at best.

Not even a side of obstruction to be found.
So Mueller is instantaneously been transformed from the savior of the narrative into the betrayer of the narrative. His findings are irrelevant to previously invented countervailing reality that must be held to, evidence or the lack of it be damned. In their minds the only straw they can grasp is "Trump might be not guilty but that doesn't mean he's innocent." The lament of every prosecutor who ever lost a case.

With no new countervailing reality, beyond demanding yet more investigations, the danger is that the obvious cognitive dissonance will collapse into a very real insanity. And when insanity fails to find any substantive reality it can and often does further devolve into violence that needs no justifications beyond violence and hatred themselves.

Given what we have already seen from much of the left we should fully expect the situation in many respects to get worse before it gets better. The extreme radicals will inflame their shock troops of social justice warriors and antifa with their already established proclivities for violence. As von Clausewitz said "War is the continuation of politics by other means."  They won't say it out loud, at least no yet, but they fully intend to go war. Trouble is they have no idea what that means. Neither do most of the people who will be their targets until it's to late.

The future awaits. Are you ready?
If anyone thought the 2016 campaign was tumultuous, hold on to your hats. The next 20 months will become increasingly chaotic. How much and how quickly the Democrat field gets narrowed by conformity with the extremists will be key. Will the shock troops be employed against any non-conforming Democrats as well as Trump supporters? Will there be any Democrats with the guts to stand up to the radicals, their irrational rhetoric and violence? Don't bet on it.


  1. Things are looking like the 1850s when the radical republicans were driving the country towards war. Lincoln killed a million Americans in his lust for power, our progressive/Marxist/liberals/leftists/communists will bring war to us and people do not realize what will follow.

    I've seen it in the Balkans, Central America, Africa and the Middle East. Minorities will be wiped out because thats the way it rolls. No one will escape, but those in urban areas will suffer the most and most heavily. Urban areas cannot endure the chaos and breakdown that are sure to follow. There will be no mercy as tit for tat attacks escalate.

    One side will win and eliminate the other, another feature of civil wars. Look at Spain, Russia, Cuba, China. So the idiots pushing extremist points of views will be among the first to go. Count on it.

    1. We are indeed headed for a serious civil conflict but your parallel to the run up to the War Between the States is shallow and incomplete at best and disingenuous at worst. You sound like you been reading too much DiLorenzo. The South's loss in that conflict was for the most part a self-inflicted wound. They had every opportunity to develope industry and mechanize agriculture that the north did. But they chose instead to cling to a Jeffersonian, slavery based agricultural economy that the rest of the Western world had left behind. Neither do you apparently consider the pernicious manipulation of the British who were determined to gain control of the South's cotton production and strangle the North's nascent textile industry.

      That said the radicals may see themselves as revolutionary heros and want an armed conflict but in reality they have no concept of what that entails and would soon find themselves slaughtered or facing the gallows.


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