Thursday, February 9, 2017

A Most Loathsome Creature.

Bill Kristol, fat smug worm suffering from
vindictive butthurt syndrome who thinks the
Republican party belongs to him and his
globalist RINO pals.
It comes as a surprise to no one that Bill Kristol over the course of election season has proven himself a sanctimonious self-important arrogant snob. Of all the dispicable "never Trump", neocons who think that they own the Republican Party he pronounced some of the most vile attacks, not just against Trump as a candidate but against his supporters as well. He even went so far as to attempt to recruit a third party candidate to carry the neocon banner fully cognizant that such a candidacy would guarantee Hillary Clinton's victory and the continuation of Deep State control of American government and finances. Anyone with more than two brain cell to rub together fully recognized that was his intent. Kristol envisions himself as the laterday incarnation of William F. Buckley Jr. Problem is he possesses not a bit of Buckley's vocabulary, intellect, warmth, charm or wit.

Now Kristol has been caught on video cruelly describing what is left of the beleaguered white middle class as "decadent, lazy and spoiled".

There are not enough words in the English language with which I can elucidate the loathing and contempt, the visceral revulsion that this ignominious, nauseating and pathetic excuse for an air breathing creature induces roiling within my gut. In fact, if tomorrow my Dr. were to diagnose me with an incurable disease which would kill me in short order I would have to seriously consider making my last act on God's good earth exterminating this vile creature with the most extreme prejudice imaginable and I would do so with no more remorse than I have in stepping on a cockroach.

Beyond that I would only hope that God would grant me enough time to make my own opening statement in my trial to inform the jury why what I had done was not a murder but the extermination of a deadly parasite, the spread of whose globalist poison was and is responsible for the destruction of untold millions of American lives. Destruction not just by robbing them of meaningful work but also by condemning many of them and their children to grinding poverty and dependence. I'd ask them to consider how many unemployed Americans, who had spent as much as a quarter of a century growing up, getting an education or learning a skill and starting a family, only to then be told they were no longer needed, they were no longer useful.

How many of these forgotten Americans have out of utter dispair committed suicide or resorted to crime and left their children orphaned by their death or incarceration because there were no more meaningful jobs to be had or they couldn't bear the humiliation of having their spouse and children watch them sink into depression or alcoholism or worse.

Then it would be up to them to balance the very real value of those lost and destroyed lives against that of a talking cockroach. A so-called "man" who regarded even them as "decadent, lazy and spoiled". Who felt that their lives and their children's lives are worth nothing more than fodder to be fed into the gaping maw of global corporatism, so that his friends and sponsors at the banks and on Wall Street may grow their profits while they the jury and their friends and neighbors get charged outrageous fees for the privilege of having a checking account.  While their savings, if they have any left, earns but a fraction of a single percent while at the same time they lobby their bought and paid for Congressmen to do away with all cash transactions so the banks can suck another 2% out of the revenue stream while robbing them with inflation. After all they need the money to buy even more disreputable vermin journalists and politicians.

May the Lord forgive me. He tells us not to hate but this piece of excrement stretches human restraint to its very limits if not beyond. I can't possibly be the only person who has a similar revultion to this scumbag's remarks and actions.

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  1. Believe me, you're no where near alone with these feelings. There are a number of other despicable scumbags near Kristol's orbit. I definitely put Kevin Williamson right there. And maybe a half a notch away, George Will and Eric Erickson.

    The revulsion for these assholes is even greater then that I have for blowhards like Don Lemon or Schumer. That they would have rather had Hillary elected is simply beyond belief.


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