Monday, April 11, 2016

How Deep The Desperation. Chapter 2

Yesterday we looked at the venality, desperation and corruption displayed by the Boston Globe in their deliberately phony Anti-Trump propaganda edition. Today we got both news of further desperation and corruption in the Republican party along with some highly probable speculation of deeply troubling and pernicious corruption within the Obama administration and the DNC.

The revelation that the Colorado Republican party has decided that enraging the registered voters of the state and revealing their shamelessness, by depriving them of their opportunity to voice their preferences in this year's primary process, was worth the opportunity to prevent Donald Trump from accumulating any pledged delegates from the state.

Apparently there is no sewer to deep which these vermin of  will not crawl into. You can rest assured that this display of depravity by the Colorado State Republican Committee came at the behest of the Republican National Committee. The registered voters of Colorado be damned.

Meanwhile on the Democrat side of the political sewer of dirty tricks, there was some highly plausible media speculation that because of Attorney General Lynch's long history of association with the Clintons and their attornies, should it appear that FBI director is going to recommend that Mrs. Clinton be indicted on charges related to the handling of classified material on her unsecured email server, Lynch would both dodge the bullet of conflict of interest and pass the buck by reccomending that the President appoint a Special Prosecutor to take over the case. Obama will then announce that such a reccomemdation will require carefull (and time consuming) consideration and consultation before any action can be taken.

This of course is simply a cynical delaying tactic to push any point of reckoning out beyond November's general election, at which point Obama will issue a full pardon, dismissing any charges, regardless of the election's outcome. Hillary is right about one thing, she will not be going to jail. Congruently the Special Prosecutor, if one is even appointed, will be dismissed before they could possibly become familiar with all the evidence, and his job will be declared finished and unnecessary.

So then, as the Republicans openly conspire to deny the citizens of their rights of free expression in the voting booths of Colorado and beyond, the Democrats will openly conspire to deny them any semblance of justice.

The message to the citizenry is clear. It is not simply that there is no depth of corruption that the political elites will not sink to preserve their power. It is not just that they regard the political parties, the election process and indeed the nation itself as they personal playground and property and the likes of Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders and the Americam voters are not invited to play. It is that our long respected Constitutional systems of representation and jurisprudence are corrupted and seriously broken and have become so by the deliberate actions of those who call themselves our leaders. There is no way that any of our Founding Fathers would confuse any of these creatures with what they would define as a statesman. Arron Burr on steroids perhaps but certainly not any form of statesman.

What we are witnessing in this most remarkable of elections, is not the same sort of intra-party, or inter-party name calling, infighting or competition we expect and have indeed become accustomed to. What we are watching is a struggle within both parties for the maintenance of power and the naked disregard for our system, our wants and our rights.

The question becomes one of if the RNC gets their manipulated convention and manufactured candidate (rest assured it won't be Ted Cruz and whoever it is will all but ignore or at best ineffectively use the stench of corruption eminating from Hillary and the Obama Department of Justice), and the Democrats manipulte the justice system and with their stacks of Super Delegates assure Hillary Clinton's nomination, when or indeed will, the American people stand up on their hind legs and declare that enough is enough?

Right now I shudder to think what kind of machinations are at play by both parties in New York State in order to get the results they want. Namely a Clinton victory over Sanders and a narrow at best win for Trump. Make no mistake, Kasich has remained in this race precisely to make that possibility seem plausible.

What kind of further chaos will ensue going into the conventions or coming out of them I dare not say, but you can rest assured the the RNC and the DNC both think they have this year's rebellion of the rank and file under control. If they are proven wrong and Mr.Trump does secure the nomination and Mr. Sanders prevails against the most corrupt political machine in recent history, their might just be some slim hope for the Republic, otherwise should they not and we are saddled with a second Clinton Presidency, it is not just the party system that will be destroyed but I fear we will might sink into either a long and dark defacto dictatorship or an increasingly open rebellion against the usurpors.

Voltaire's admonition the "I may disagree with what you say sir, but I will fight to the death to defend your right to say it." Is being trampled into the dust right before our eyes, making his lesser known admonition all the more prescient; "It is dangerous to be right when government is wrong."

Pray America, pray. His guidrnce might be all we have left for our nation as our fathers gave it to us and we have thought we had known it.

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