Monday, September 14, 2015

The Chaos Widens.

There has been much said of late concerning the immigration flood going on in here. What I find most disturbing is the attacks on nations like Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic that are doing their best to stem the tide.

Even as the Germans say "No more!" and drop the gates of renewed border controls the eastern European nations continue to be attacked, particularly the Poles for not being sufficiently accommodating to the flood or "accepting" their "designated quota". Just because they are now part of the EU does not mean they will or should forget how their history diverges from that of western Europe.

The Poles endured over a hundred years of being carved up by Russians, Prussians and Austrians. After WW I they enjoyed and all to brief 20 years of self determination before being carved up by the Germans and Russians again. Then after WW II the became the only allied power to lose the war and suffered under another 45 years of Russian puppet government and military occupation.

The Russian's tactic of cultural dilution by forced immigration is an historical fact.  Having final regaining their freedom and cast of the Russians they are not going to sit back and have outside forces tell them they must endure another wave of occupation by immigration. Good for them. The historical pattern is more or less the same  for the rest of the Eastern Europen nations.

The growing debt problems and now the flood of Muslims could very well break the EU. Seems some of the bureaucrats in Brussels are determined to renew the ancient East West divide in Europe. Well let the Germans drown in Turks and Syrians. They don't get along in the ME. There is little chance they will in Germany and Austria.

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  1. The debt problem is actually more immediate, though not by much. Nonetheless, there is still massive unwillingness to address it as it strikes at the fundamental rationale of the welfare state, that there is no limit to what the state can provide once the limiting forces of greed, racism, patriarchy, consumerism, illegitimate legal safeguards, and military preparedness are removed. The European banks are desperately moving money from one account to the other and engaging in "extend and pretend" financial gimmickry.

    But it's not working. The iron laws of arithmetic are pounding at the gate and they will not be denied.

    Mr. Sanity, but a different form of the same thing, is also knocking at the door and his opening line will be, "Hello. I'm basically what you can call sanity. Care to get acquainted again? I'll wait while you think about it but, truth be known, I'm on a tight schedule here."


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