Thursday, September 17, 2015

CNN=FNC You Be The Judge.

Both networks, are falling all all over themselves congratulating Job Bush for his "He kept us safe" line during Wednesday's debate. Not a one of the talking heads is even considering, nor would they dare, that maybe the approbation is not true.

In the short term many Americans did indeed feel safer after the invasions and of deposing of the Taliban in Afghanistan and Sadam in Iraq. But there is a old truism that "Hindsight is 20/20". So lets examine the claim from that perspective rather than from the very narrow time frame Jeb Bush and the network bubble heads would rather us view it from.

After the fall of both government the forces of jihadist Islam found themselves deprived of areas of operation from which they had worked with impunity. To that degree and in that all to brief window of time, yes we were safer.  But from a longer perspective it simply is not true. After our brave fighting men and women gave him a victory, Bush quickly set about to snatch defeat from its jaws. He did this by caving to the moral relativists and proclaiming that not only was Islam a "religion of peace", a concept destroyed by even the most cursory examination of its history, he gave the new governments, governments we put in place, carte blanched to include Sharia law in their new constitution. In doing so he gave the worst acters still left, tacit and real permission to carry on and rebuild their machines of death. We gained nothing from such foolishness, but in fact gave justification to the insurgencies that followed.

If anyone in Norfolk Virginia had been listening they probably could have heard General MacArthur turning over in his grave. It was MacArthur who had placed the restriction on the Japanese during the occupation that their new constitution must not and would not include any place for Shinto Buddhism, out of which had grown both the Bushido warrior code and the suicidal Emperor as deity worship that had cost so many lives and prolonged that terrible war.

That such suicidalism has long been present since Islam's founding is undeniable. "I present you with an army that loves death more than you love life" has been a tenant of their militarism since at least when they besieged the Persian empire. Bush gave this horror its renewed life.

Jeb's father gave away the store to the Russian communists at Malta by promising them their would be no prosecutions for either their personal crimes or communism's crimes against humanity. Its bought us a revanchist Russia commanded by so-called former communists and politicians in this country who operate as communists in everything but name. His brother by his incompetence fostered the renewed jihad from which the whole world suffers. Lord spare us please from the incompetence of another Bush in the White House and the sycofantic fools in the media who would help put him there.

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