Thursday, November 1, 2012

Time To Go Long On The Oil Of Champhor

Well the Benghazigate scandal iterations were weekly, then they went to every fourth day and then every other day and now they are going almost every half day.  Earlier today came the revelation of emails from Ambassador Stevens stating that the Consulate could not withstand a sustained attack.  The newest story is that two large media outlets have the documented evidence of just who it was that issued the "stand down" orders that ultimately resulted in four dead Americans and they are sitting on the information for the political purpose of running cover for the administration.

There is a leak somewhere. Whether it's coming from CIA or the State Department or the Pentagon doesn't much matter.  I would suspect that Obama's statement that he had ordered everything possible be done to protect the personnel in Benghazi cheesed somebody off who had the evidence to the contrary.

Seems someone around here warned that the media's shameless bias on this scandal was going to result in the stench rubbing off on them.  Do these fools honestly think that they are the only ones that have it or that there aren't others who will deliberately use it to make sure that the stink get soaked into their credibility as well as the administration's if they don't release it?  The only question that remains is will the media throw Obama under the bus to try and save themselves? Jackals have been know to eat their own in the midst of a feeding frenzy.  This will only get more interesting from here.

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