Monday, June 6, 2011

Will the Democratic Process Remain Relevant?

Over the weekend the size of the crowds protesting in Athens against any new bailout package and its attendant austerity programs swelled to new highs in terms of size. This weekend elections in Portugal saw the current Socialist government go down to an overwhelming defeat. Here in the US the reaction was a barely stifled yawn. I know, I know they replaced the Socialists with the Social Democrats, I’m attempted to yawn myself. In reality the change in government might make a few voters feel better or give them the illusion that they might actually bring about change through the ballot box, but as one voter commented, coming out of the polling station, that’s not the reality they face; "I think the election won't bring anything new because it's the IMF in charge of the country now ... Any party that gets to the government will just have to follow IMF rules,"

Well at least one individual is thinking straight. The question then becomes how long will the electorates of Greece, Portugal and the rest of the PIIGS, and eventually here in the US, stand by and allow their national and individual sovereignty to be surrendered to a bunch of unelected bureaucrats and bankers? At what point will they recognize that the bankers and their wholly owned politicians have deliberately manipulated them into this position? When will they realize that their rights to self-determination take precedents over the yearend bonuses of the bankers? I would guess not soon enough to forestall either the growing chaos spreading across the Atlantic or the bankers and politicians trying to implement their globalist “New World Order” that will leave all power and decision making in their hands and delegating our most sacred traditions to irrelevancy. Oh we will still have our elections, but if we are not careful the options we will be given there will differences without distinction.

As far as they are concerned the debt must be serviced at all cost. All else must be sacrificed on its sacred alter, be it liberty, democracy or constitutional government itself. All must suffer, except for the banks and their power and control. We may not recognize it but it’s already happening. As the economy of mainstreet suffers, unemployment climbs and actual production shrinks, Wall Street and only Wall Street prospers. In 2008 our government handed out $125 Billion in taxpayer funds to maintain the illusion of the solvency of the big banks. In 2009 these same banks passed out $135 Billion in bonuses to top executives.

The great Keynesian experiment is about to come to an end. What will come out of it will either be a renewal of the individual spirit and the destruction of the feudal lords of the banking elite, or the utter destruction of the individual and his rights and the emergence of a global fascism on a monumental scale. In the end, at least here in the US it’s going to come down to a question of whether or not the military decides if it loyalties lie with corrupt government or with the people whose liberties they have sworn to protect. Will they become the jackboots of repression or protectors of the people from whose ranks they come? That is the risk and the imponderable that the powers that be face, and they will do everything they can to portray any and all who dare stand against them as, racists, radical, reactionaries or whatever brush they can tar them with to try and bend that ultimate power of military authority to its will. They know full well that without it or if it turns against them they stand no chance to prevail.

We can only hope. Will Lincoln’s words from the Gettysburg address still ring true? Or will “Government of the people, by the people and for the people” be cruelly morphed into government of the banks, by the banks and for the banks? We can only hope.

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