Friday, May 14, 2021

The Latest From The Workshop. Part 3.

 So what good is a vanity table or a desk without a place to sit? As no chair or stool was found with them this question necessitated my venturing from furniture refinishing and into furniture making.

The legs are made from pine 2x2 stock. The corners are routed with a cove bit and the faces routed with a 1/4" straight bit these face cuts were then inlaid with strips of Bradford Pear. These legs were then fitted into a plywood and pine top frame. As the legs we cut at a compound bias of 5° the frame parts had to be cut at matching angles to create tight pockets that the legs were fit into. 

After applying lots of glue in the pockets the legs were further secured with a 2-1/2" screw through the top of the frame.

The outside of this frame was then wrapped with pieces of poplar recycled from the drawer sides mentioned in the previous post. A centerline support rail was also added made from the same 1/4" poplar. These were a left standing proud by about 3/8" to facilitate the attachment of the seat slats that are made from the same Bradford Pear that was used on the leg inlay. These are attached with glue and brads set below the surface and filled with plastic wood stained to match the color of the stained wood. As with the previous pieces numerous coats of polyurethane were applied and then polished with 2500 grit sand paper.

The distinctive grain of this wood makes for eye catching detail on the finished piece.

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