Saturday, September 5, 2020

Come November 4th.

Come dawn Nov. 4th, win or lose Trump needs to smash the communists including their facilitators on college campuses. It's time we recognise and act on the basis that fascism and communism are evil twins. Given power they BOTH rapidly become machines of mass human slaughter. That is an undeniable fact. That fact and that fact alone is all that is needed to render any and all rhetorical differences between them as irrelevant. Dead is dead. When you see these mad, hate filled, spoiled children screaming in the faces of innocent people can you really doubt that they are but half a step from public lynchings? Given that we are already seeing both planned and random assassinations, why would you doubt that Madame LaFarge but lurks in all of these mobs? They are already using moc guillotines. How long until someone hauls out a real one?

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