Thursday, October 10, 2019

Biting Off More Than they Can Chew

I think Nancy and , company have painted them selves into a corner and they know it. They never expected the President to release the transcript of the conversation with the newly elected President of Ukraine. A man who by the way ran and won on a platform of combating that countries rampant corruption.

Pelosi et al thought that they could endlessly spin the third hand hear say accusations of someone, who is now exposed as nothing more than a Democrat operative, into political gold. But what they have done is prove once more that Democrats never stop to consider the possibility of unforseen consequences or the actions of a unpredictable President before acting precipitously.

Clearly they learned nothing from the Mueller report disaster. Clearly they still haven't figured out that Donald Trump is not some RINO weakling (can you hear me Mittens?) who will roll over in the face of adversity. He himself stated right to there faces, "Frankly I thrive on it."

As it become increasingly apparent  that there is no there there as to to the claims of blackmailing the new Ukrainian President they have little choice but to once again retreat to that other failed tactic of accusing the President of obstruction. Never once did they stop and ask themselves, if this failed with the Mueller investigation and it failed with the Kavanaugh nomination why would we think it will succeed with this even flimsier tissue of lies?

Never did they stop to think about the fact it is Hillary, Biden and the DNC that is up to their waist in the muck of Ukrainian corruption or that the President's team has already figured that out and is going to shovel it down their throats.

Now that Trump has called their bluff and exposed their extra-constitutional coup for what it is they are realizing that that isn't a light at the end of the tunnel but rather a freight train headed straight for them and they have not the slightest prayer of getting out of the way.

Did they really think that they could blatantly lie and abandon all established procedures and precedents just because of their bloodlust hatred of Trump and get away with it? Do they really think that this circus will derail the Horowitz report or Durham's investigation? Do they really think the American people will just walk away and let them use this fraud as a means to shred the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and install a naked communist in the White House without any repercussions?

Yes there are more than plenty of naive ignorant fools in the American electorate who put their emotions above the law and facts but there are also plenty of Americans who are well versed in those documents and our history and if put in a position where they no longer have anything left to lose they will  not just go away and say "Oh well, we'll try again in 2024."

The 80 year crisis cycle is coming due and these fools think they can control it. WE THE PEOPLE are more than weary of government for the governing at the expense of the rights of the governed. Whatever the outcome of the pending crisis it is going to get ugly between now and is resolution.

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  1. HOWEVER.... "We" are still outnumbered by the ignorant and blissfully unaware followers of the main stream media - print and televised - so this side of the story will not even be given the opportunity to fall upon "their" deaf ears. Socialism is so very, very attractive to a bum.


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