Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The Next Wave of Immigration.

I sincerely hope someone in the Trump administration who is working on immigration policy is preparing for what could quickly become the next wave of immigrants fleeing oppression. This time however they won't be coming Latin America or the Middle East and they won't be brown or black. And they won't be coming here looking to become welfare parasites.

Danie Theron, Dutch Boer War Memorial.
These people don't give up easily.
What they will be is industrious, hard working and prosperous (at least for now) South African whites who may soon be faced with the outright theft of their property and lively hoods by the ruling communist party, the ANC.

Ever since the Nelson Mandela's ANC seized power through murder, intimidation and United Nations do gooderism, South Africa has been slowly descending into becoming just another African third world shit hole. This path has quite predictably seen as much or more poverty and repression then ever existed under the Apartheid governments. The one nation in all of Africa that has abundant natural resources and a productive economy seems determined to emulate the disaster of neighboring Zimbabwe on a massive scale.

Mugabe is the face of black African
corruption and murderous violence.
Once the literal breadbasket of Africa as Rhodesia, Zimbabwe is now the poster child for corruption, hyperinflation poverty and violence. Robert Mugabe has ruled with an iron fist from day one, brooks no opposition, and shows no intention of leaving office other than in a horizontal position.

What were once prosperous white owned and operated farms have been seized through open murder, while the world turned its back. Those "redistributed" lands now either lay fallow or are nothing more than subsistence farms.

Harare's slums can match anywhere in Africa
for their pestilence disease and poverty.
The era of surplus production is but a faded memory. While Mugabe and his friends remain fat in Harare by leaching off huge percentages of the foreign aid that comes in, most of the rest of the country barely survives.

And now South Africa, facing accelerating decline brought about by the corruption and incompetence inherent in any communist regime, seeks to follow Mugabe's path of destruction by announcing that they want to change the national Constitution so as to allow the seizure of white owned property "without compensation".

Jacob Zuma, South Africa's would be Mugabe.
His trail of corruption is long and wide.
He's seen here teaching Obama some of his
diplomatic skills in relating to the opposition.
The problem obstructing them is not just the Constitution but that unlike Rhodesia, where whites were only 2% of a much smaller population, whites in South Africa are still over 10% of the population, are well armed and trained.

Many have been preparing for this eventuality since 1994 and have announced that they have no intention of going down without a fight. While no one could possible predict what the final outcome of such a conflict would be, what is predictable is that like all civil wars, especially race wars, it would be horribly violent and bloody.

Faced with such horror many white South Africans will choose to flee. The US, Canada, Holland, Australia and New Zealand will be the most logical destinations. (While many South Africans of English descent left both before and after the Communist takeover the Dutch largely remained.)

Anything the Israelis can do we can do better.
If the US were to welcome those fleeing South Africa with the same sort of "feet dry" policy extended to those fleeing Castro's Cuba it could only add to our prosperity.

Better yet welcome in two or three South African whites for every illegal Mexican expelled. With lots of farmers and engineers among their numbers, I'd bet they would gladly accept jobs helping to build the wall along our southern border.

Ever since the "decolonization" of Africa in the post World War Two era the sub-Saharan world has proven itself to be all but incapable of self-government. Corruption, dictatorships and civil and tribal wars are the dominant socio-economic constructs. In short Africa has returned to what it was before the Europeans arrived.

It would no doubt be a tragic circumstance should this also happen to South Africa but it may be an inevitability. We might be foolish not to take advantage of it in terms of immigration policy.


  1. Wait they are smart, are willing to work. Oh and they are White. Nope can't let that happen. Doubt they will let them be the new wave of immigrants, it just makes too much sense to let that happen.

  2. I visited Cape Town in the mid-90s, after Mandela was off Robbins Island but had not yet become President. It was an absolute garden city, warm, clean and for a white man such as myself an overall nice and cosmopolitan place to be; one thing I remember quite well was a KFC restaurant with an exact opposite KFC across the street which served blacks and coloreds.
    It is an absolute travesty of feel-good liberalism that the country has been allowed to fall apart as it has. The white powers that be knew what they were doing when they instituted apartheid, just as those in the U.S. knew the importance of Jim Crow. Now both nations are reaping the consequences of ending those systems in the name of "equality." Give a white man a pile of bricks and he will build you a city. Give a black man a city and he will give you a pile of bricks.

    1. The tragedy of it is that when the Dutch settlers first came to South Africa there we virtually no blacks living there other than a few nomadic tribes. The others came, attracted by the wealth created by the Dutch.

  3. Mississippi RonnMarch 9, 2017 at 8:41 PM

    Tell me how and I will sponsor as many as I can! The Afrikaners know what a diverse society becomes, and I'll bet they will fight to help America save itself. Besides who doesn't like pretty blond dutch girls?

  4. These immigrants, although white, will become true African-Americans. Most black people in America are not African-Americans, but native born Americans. Actually all people born in America are native Americans.


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