Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Back Into The Backyard.

February has been uncommonly warm, so there has been no excuse to not get started preparing the garden for planting and getting some exercise in the process. Time to stretch out the winter blahs.  After raking off the leaves and debris the first step was to get out the long handled shovel and turning everything over and getting down to the clay substrate. It took the better part of the day and three seperate sessions.

Things got packed pretty hard over the fall and winter.
The next step was to break everything up, getting out the rocks and sticks and roots. A good deal of screening was needed to get the finer pieces of roots and clumps of weeds separated out.

And I thought that just turning it over was hard work!

Nearly half a wheelbarrow of roots, mostly from
my neighbor's Elm trees.

Time then to spread out a couple of bags of processed cow manure and mix it in thoroughly. Makes for great tomatoes and veggies, not to mention a sore back.

With the garden beds all prepared, I then covered them up and repaired the fence to keep yard waste from accumulating and to keep a couple of big dogs out. Especially one Elwood who has a proven bad habit of stealing tomatoes and squash right off of the vine. 

It being only the end of February it would be foolish
not to expect another round of cold weather.
A hard freeze, freezing rain or snow are all possible.

The right bed is for tomatoes, about four varsities.
With the gardens all prepared I moved on to getting the seed planting beds in the greenhouse prepared as well. These both have heating coils in the bottom and covered with a thin layer of sand and landscaping fabric of its own. If necessary there is also space heater should it be needed.
The left bed is for starting peppers, cucumbers,
beans, squash and Mellon's.

Now all that remains is the waiting for the seeds, that have already been ordered to arrive, so the planting can begin! Here's hoping for a long and healthy growing season and a rich and bountiful harvest. 

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