Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Freightening March of Ignorance

Danzig and the Polish Corridor
The profound ignorance of history on display on many news story comment boards is the predictable result of no longer functional education systems dominated by agenda driven leftist bureaucrats.  One story reported that a prominent French journalist. Eric Zemmour, had penned a piece suggesting that the solution to the Ukraine crisis might be found in a formal alliance between Russia, Germany an France.  My comment that Poland and indeed the rest of the world should be uncomfortable with the prospect of a new German/Russian alliance garnered a large number of negative votes.   Such is all one needs to prove the above point.  That one fool suggested that Poland could have avoided the war by simply giving Danzig back to Germany shows how genuinely frightening such ignorance can be.

The beginning of the end for
Russian imperialism Rev. 2
Firstly Danzig was a Free City under League of Nations mandate.  It was politically controlled by neither Germany or Poland.  It wasn't Poland's to give to anyone.  Secondly the idea that Hitler would have been satisfied with obtaining control of Danzig is patently absurd on its face, particularly given what had just happened to the Czechs. 

I doubt any of these geniuses could tell us just how many times it took Prussia, Austria-Hungary and Russia partitioning Poland before there was no more Poland.  Or maybe like good little communists they have neither forgotten or forgiven the Poles for leading the charge of revolution in Eastern Europe that ended nearly fifty years of brutal occupation and led eventually to the end of the Soviet era of Russian Imperialism. 

It's still called Red Square and they still
guard Lenin's rotted corpse.
The Soviet Union my be gone in name but Russian Imperialism never died.  They just transformed from ostensible "international socialists" back into what they always were, Russian Imperialist national socialists.

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