Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Question The Media Will Never Ask Hillary.

"Mrs. Clinton, can you tell us please how it felt to get so badly punked by Mr. Trump over your ISIS recruitment claims?"The question will never get asked but it sure would be fun to watch her turn beet red with anger, if not sputter in apoplexy. Any reporter who did ask such a question would be immediately ejected from the mostly empty venue and banned from covering the campaign. Such would most likely be a moot point as they would be fired from their job as well.

Rather than deny the accusation or call Hillary out for the liar she is, Trump owned it and said  “Of course they go after the person with a HUUUUGE lead in the polls! I predict they will make more!” There was an internet posting of course did it not show up until days after Hillary made her claim. But Trump, in one feel swoop accomplished several things. He made Hillary look the fool by re-framing her comment as a reinforcement of his lead in the polls. He also set himself up to be able to claim that he is the candidate ISIS fears the most should they actually make any videos referencing Trump. 
He just took up space inside both Hillary's and ISIS's head free of charge. If Hillary could figure out how this just happened, she would be livid. Or maybe she has and the individual who gave her this bit of failed tactical advice has already ben relegated to the last buss in the campaign convoy.

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